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6 Instagram Features to Grow Your E-commerce Business

Marketing strategies and advertising have changed a lot since the rise of social media platforms, especially Instagram. Due to the enormous global reach social media has developed over the years, it&s inevitable that every business needs to be present on different platforms and share their message

TOP 5 Online Marketing Platforms in Australia

In the highly digital age of online marketing , Australian companies have continuously looked to software and programs that will indeed allow them to grow their brand presence. Online marketing can be a complex discovery and so these tools assist brands in becoming more digitally savvy!

How to Measure Instagram Engagement

Your engagement rate on Instagram is one of the most important factors in determining whether or not an audience will convert into sales. What is an engagement rate? How do you measure your engagement rate?

How to market your business online - 21 tips to online marketing

The Internet is one of the most dominant inventions being used globally nowadays, which is great news for businesses who want to market their businesses online. Resources and people have never been so accessible due to the rise of social media and online coverage.

What is Influencer Marketing? How to run a good Influencer Campaign?

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that has generated immense popularity over the last 5 years where individuals who have an audience to speak to, promote brands by creating content and "influencing" buying decisions.

How to master your 2018 Influencer Marketing Strategy

2018 trends in influencer marketing will include an increase in micro-influencers, a better allocation of budget and a focus on tracking results. The astonishing growth of influencer marketing across 2017 had marketers and business owners scurrying to find the best way to maximise their profits

Are Influencers Worth It?

Are influencers worth the "free" product or service? What about the fees they charge for advertising on their social accounts? Despite some of the world’s biggest brands diverting the majority of their budget to influencer management over 2017 and likely to continue growing in 2018

How to find the right influencers for your brand: What is influencer targeting?

Influencer marketing, whether or not you saw it coming has become the standard marketing procedure of any good PR/Marketing company or internal brand. Why does your brand need Influencers? Influencers are an inexpensive way of growing your brand presence and seen


Given the thousands of influencers listed on our Influencer Directory platform, brands often reach out to influencers through and don’t know HOW to correctly brief them on the right way to represent their brand – so that both parties are clear and concise.