TOP 5 Online Marketing Platforms in Australia

Online Marketing Platform

In the highly digital age of online marketing, Australian companies have continuously looked to software and programs that will indeed allow them to grow their brand presence. Online marketing can be a complex discovery and so these tools assist brands in becoming more digitally savvy!

Below are the top 5 online marketing platforms used in Australia that every professionals in the industry must definitely try out.

1) All-in-one Marketing |

Trusted by over 3, 000, 000+ users worldwide, SEMrush is a tool to use if you need an all in one digital marketing program for your business. SEMrush began in 2008 as a small group of visionaries who aimed to help professionals in the online marketing industry. Fast-forward to today where they are one of the largest and most globally utilized tools for online marketing and research services.

As the leading platform in digital marketing, SEMrush has indeed lots of features that can support business growth including; site audits, keywords research, keyword tracking, backlink audits, advertising research for PPC campaigns, domain vs domain comparisons, social media analysis, keyword difficulty and more.

Their free seven day trial is available here: Try the World’s No.1 Marketing Tool

2) Online Marketing Platform - Influencers + Engagement | is a global marketing platform that provides a wide range of online marketing features including an influencer directory, an engagement calculator, a collaboration portal where brands and influencers can connect with each other, an Instagram Auditor that allows brands to audit Influencers, an Influencer contract generator and more! This platform is aimed at helping small-medium sized businesses up their game in the online business industry.

They have a free one month trial, so go and check it out!

3) Instagram Scheduling Software |

Instagram can be tricky sometimes, especially to those who are just starting their business and using the site as their platform. If you are having a hard time with obtaining tons of followers and accumulating hundreds of likes, do not fret because is here to help you. Its product features are Instagram scheduler, visual Instagram planner, an Instagram photo editor, social media calendar and Instagram-regram app. With the fast growing necessity to gain a larger market for a successful business is a go to tool to attain this. It helps professionals and business savvies to plan, preview and schedule their posts in advance making the most out of your Instagram usage. 

To sign up for this platform just click on this: Let's get started.

4) Auditor for Influencers |

In the clouded space of influencer marketing, business owners are now turning to programs to assist them in auditing Influencers. is a reliable platform that audits and evaluates well-known Instagram Influencers globally such as artists, bloggers, youtubers, actors, and content creators.Their Instagram and Influencer auditor assists in tracking quality influencers, fake Instagram profiles, engagement rates of influencers and how engaging an influencer is.

You can start your free trial now! 

5) Traffic Analysis |

Being part of the digital marketing industry requires each entrepreneur to have a credible tool in obtaining datathat will allow them to monitor their competitors’ performance. Like any other business owners, having much knowledge on what they are up against will truly help them to evaluate and to create a business strategy that is highly effective. is a monitoring tool that analyzes and collects invaluable data from various sources, including ISP figures, international panels and all websites that can sustain beneficial information about the industry.

Accuracy is their company’s objective. Users are offered services such as comprehensive analysis from any  website that the customers would need information from, data that would reveal current developments and emerging competitors or perhaps can be an opportunity for affiliation and partnership, facts and figures of business trends and strategies that can help any entrepreneurs to go beyond their limits. 

To try out their features you can register on their website.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of 5 Online Marketing Platforms in Australia that you can try out for yourself!