Free download Influencer brief/Social media proposal

Given the thousands of influencers listed on our Influencer Directory platform, brands often reach out to influencers through and don’t know HOW to correctly brief them on the right way to represent their brand – so that both parties are clear and concise.

First thing’s first – a social media influencer is going to need compensation. They’re not going to promote your brand for the sake of it. They are a business after all. Influencers often have a charge rate or are happy with contra arrangements (product/service in exchange for promotion). You need to contact each influencer specifically and find what will work for them (they can be reached through the EMAIL section in our Influencer Directory). It’s a partnership and one that needs to be fostered so that you benefit from the influencer’s outreach, and they benefit (whether it’s monetary or through contra) from being involved with your brand. 

Do you need additional help with your Influencer Marketing Campaign? Try DOWNLOADING + EDITING this Influencer Marketing Brief so you can make the arrangement between brand + influencer/blogger transparent and easier to facilitate.