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How Do I upgrade?

You can upgrade your account by selecting our MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS tab in your profile.

Unable to subscribe? Payment failure

You will need to subscribe to Phlanx using Paypal. Please check you have created an account in the MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS tab. If the payment is still not processed, please contact Paypal directly.

How Do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your monthly subscription anytime by selecting the MANAGE SUBSCRIPTION tab in your profile and selecting CANCEL.

I was charged after the first month

As outlined on our PRICING, CREATE AN ACCOUNT and by PAYPAL before you processed your free trial, your monthly subscription begins in the second month. If you wish to unsubscribe please select the MANAGE SUBSCRIPTION tab in your profile and select CANCEL.

I cancelled my account but was still charged

If you’re charged after cancelling your subscription, follow these steps. Log in to your account and click MANAGE SUBSCRIPTION. If the subscription shows your account has expired the account is not being charged. Any charges are likely from another account that’s active. Check for other accounts with any emails you may have.

If the subscription page shows it’s still active, you have not yet cancelled your account. Try the cancel process again.


Technical Issues

I can’t log in to Phlanx?

You may change or reset your password by clicking the “Forgot password?” link on the homepage. You may reset by using your email address or username.

Error code

If you are provided with an error code while using please email a screenshot to for further support.


For any technical issues you may have please email a screenshot to for further support.

Business Enquiries

Business Enquiry

If you have a business opportunity from a marketing, partnership or general business capacity, please email

Advertise on Phlanx

Phlanx advertising helps you reach an engaged audience and tell your brand’s story. If you would like to advertise with Phlanx please email for our available options.


For all press enquiries, please email