How to find the right Influencers for your brand: What is influencer targeting?

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing, whether or not you saw it coming has become the standard marketing procedure of any good PR/Marketing company or internal brand.

Why does your brand need Influencers?

Influencers are an inexpensive way of growing your brand presence and seen in an everyday lifestyle setting while reaching thousands of consumers who are given the option of clicking through to your website. 

Consumers trust external recommendations over seeing an advertisement from the brand itself – the influencer is vouching on your behalf!

Brands easily spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on billboard and radio campaigns, often gasping at the $2000-5000 cost of a social media influencer – to reach the exact same audience ONLINE. An audience that is nowadays traceable via Facebook and Instagram analytics and less apparent and measurable when it comes to above-the-line marketing such as billboards.

That is not to say however that influencers do not have their disadvantages and selecting the wrong one’s for the wrong brand often finds you waiting for the “conversion” of customers to no avail. 


1) Who is your audience?

Ensure your potential audience is aligned with the influencer’s. If you’re selling high end roses on the internet a food influencer is likely not the right fit for you. Consider the types of images, captions and traits that your potential customers would follow.

2) What to consider when targeting influencers?

Brands choose influencers as a marketing strategy as when engaged successfully, they have the ability to cause action. A brand will send product to an influencer (let’s say a dress in this case), who will then post a photo of themselves wearing that dress, driving traffic to their website and a potential conversion in sales.

When targeting influencers decide WHAT type you need. Choose a GENRE such as technology or fashion, a NICHE such as fashion or beauty and the TYPE of reach you require – what kind of traffic you are after? 

3) Ensure content creation fits the brand image 

Work alongside the influencer to find out what their audience (who is your potential audience) is looking for? What kind of captions do they respond to? What kind of images works the best for engagement? The more engaging the content that your influencers create, the more beneficial it is for your brand.