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@dpetties hitting a huge 860lb DOUBLE!!! Coming for that tested WR deadlift @the_american_pro_ ! .Using that BDS Frost ! ..I want to thank @dr.seth.albersworth @meana.albersworth and Joel. Having 3 of the best lifters in the country to watch your lifts and bounce ideas off of has been a game chan...
New Zone Mint line is domestic in Australia ready to go under @thereapersc !!.Zone Inactive Mint Zone Grape BDS Frost
Working up to a speedy 904lb squat !! ZNE Athlete @kingpensonlifts !! .Final push on squats.. 904 was the top set today. Got about 3 more heavies left and were ready to rumble. The hooks on this mono hate me but it is what it is lol. Thanks for the wraps, spots, running the mono and filming. @m_u...
@_justinbonaparte brother wanted to test out his salts haha! .That new BDS Mint is back in stock !!!!!!
5lb PR and that much closer to a 1000lb pull !!!! ZNE Athlete @roy_gains hitting 947lb/430kg..So, today I pulled a 5lb PR with my second attempt of 947lb/430kg! Then I jumped to 1003lb/455kg and missed it just below my knees(second video). I think this may have gotten me a podium placing and then...
ZNE Athlete @briannyt making easy work of 590lbs !!!! ..@strengthempirememphis
Just a pretty 400kg/881lb pull by ZNE Athlete @bilbo_swaggins181 !! ..Not sure what to do with your training? Sign up for the Proven Strength App and get access to 20+ programs, workout tracking and private discord with @that_hugeasian_guy and I. @provenstrength_and_performance @ironrebel - BIL...
ZNE Athlete @kingpensonlifts making 854lbs look like a warm up. ..Been suffering some persistent hip pain lately thats hindered me from squatting and deadlifting, even causing some pain just sitting and walking. But today I decided to just squat in wraps the same way I do in sleeves and just see ...
Incredible set by ZNE Athlete @lya_powerlift !!!!!! .After a year-long battle with a back injury, Im back to repping heavy deadlifts! Strength isnt just about the body; its a mental challenge too. Its an emotional rollercoaster. Its a test of resilience, pushing through the toughest moments. Thos...
How we liking that new BDS Frost!? .Been getting nothing but great feedback on the BDS Frost from all over the world. Hearing a lot of Hits HARD but I can breath and definitely my new favourite. . ZNE Athlete @james_jeffers_strongman
Labor Sale now live on the main website. Link in bio !
ZNE Athlete @tamarawalcott.shw hitting that BDS Frost and repping out 505lbs like easy warm up. .. Fyi thats my mom that passes by in the background right before I start the lift you can also hear her yelling . To this day Society seems to still determine what path you should take or not .. SEEMS...