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I just printed out my Underground Strength Manual & It came out to 525 pages. Let me know if youd like me to try to make this available on Amazon, Kindle and/or print? Just comment below #UndergroundStrengthManual #UndergroundStrengthGym #UndergroundStrengthCoach #UndergroundStrengthBook #Strengt...
Morning Thoughts & Morning Writing Ive been talking about this topic for a very long time, probably 15 years now . In todays world, it is infinitely more important than when I started talking about it back when the economy was smooth sailing .You must be able to write your own paycheck, nothing ...
In case my kids or anybody else out there is wondering what Ill be doing in 30 years.
Check out our latest episode with @zevenesh #americansidebar #podcast #strengthandconditioning #strengthtraining #gym #workout #bodybuilding
Thanks to @zevenesh @sspcoaches I am a Certified Strength & Sports Performance Coach Finished the Certification and enjoyed it! Ton of great content. Each module is well thought out and made to help all coaches improve. Educate Daily. Grow Daily. Work Hard Always. E
Pt 1 of 3 with the REALEST @bighousepower Great times touring BIG HOUSE POWER HQ.House & I met in 2008 when he was at Louisville, and they traveled to play football against Rutgers, you could see those videos on my YouTube channel Before that, we were on the Q&A team with @elitefts We spoke for...
Zach Even-Esh on the importance of proper squat form! #americansidebar #bodybuilding #strengthtraining #gym #workout #squats
Pt 3 VIDEO tour with @flycoach_68 @coachkolody at Mallard Creek high school in North Carolina Coach Fly breaks down how he organized the weight room, which went into an old classroom, along with how and which technology they use for strength and speed training @plaeglobal ROAD TRIP #StrengthCoac...
Next stop on the @plaeglobal Road trip is at @coachkolody old stomping grounds @pfeifferathletics where he graduated in 1990 Awesome little weight room here, a place where no one can hide Later on, I will share the baseball field that has outdoor squat racks that looks like the weight pile from t...
Strength Chat with @flycoach_68 @coachkolody @plaeglobal ROAD TRIP some topics discussed in this video are : in season strength training afterschool strength and conditioning with only 30 minute time blocks getting the most out of your space, training inside this classroom, the hallways and check...
The Fallacy of Perfect Training Football, Wrestling, LAX & other combative sports require, at least a little bit of imperfect training This means that you cant focus on such perfect training so that during competition the athlete is not only unprepared physically, but he or she is also unprepared...
After coaching full time for 20+ years, theres a few basic and simple things that never work out quite well:1 Athletes who avoid training their legs tend to get injured on the regular, tend to lack mental toughness, durability and grit, and tend to struggle in sports.2 NO such athlete as weak and...