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Just out here believing in God and living my dreams out loud. Very loud I might add.
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Ask for what you want and you will get it. #manifestation
This is 42
This era of my life is called PEACE
This is what I look like when I am happy. I havent smiled with my teeth in a long long time. #remotework I manifested this moment even the white fence on the balcony.
Today, on the 51st anniversary of Roe, I spoke with Senator Elizabeth Warren @senwarren about the significance of losing abortion rights and the real world consequences of the Dobbs ruling.
I feel bad because I am awesome.
Heres a post about things that have sparked joy for me recently in no particular order:1. Immersive art installations 2. Jungwoo3. The Beach and watching sunsets at the beach. 4. Dogs. But most Jesss dog Bud. hes my soulmate. 5. New Orleans 6. Rome, ItalyWhat are you going to do this year to spar...
2023 was full of adventures and travel. 2024 will be more of the same. Im living the life my mom who had me at 25 never got to live. She would be so proud of me!
This Nola adventure has been fun times. I also saw Lebron. Someone should date me. Im fun. Happy New Year everybody!
I am so grateful to the people who showed up for me this year and the people who reached out to me to check for signs of life when I went quiet. You are my people. Sending all of my love to people who have also lost someone they love in this cruel cruel world. I am so sorry. We are going to be ok...
I realize now the reason I am single is because I am intelligent and the games people play dont work on me like I will just go home lol. I dont need a boyfriend that bad.