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David Draiman of Disturbed might be the best singer in the world, depending on who you ask. He was trained in the classical tradition and the words Sing from your diaphragm! was repeated ad nauseum. Even non-singers still hear this advice as the gold standard. The universe has since sent countles...
Gesangslehrerin Melissa Cross @zenofscreaming ist keine gewhnliche Vokal-Mentorin - ihr Fokus liegt auf Metal. Und auch ihrer Referenzen sind nicht ohne: Megadeth, Slipknot, Trivium, sie alle haben schon mit der Screaming-Oma zusammengearbeitet.METAL HAMMER-Volontrin Annika Eichstdt @_annika.docx...
I had trouble sleeping when I was young. Sometime around 1968, something called underground radio appeared on the FM dial, which was had been customarily reserved for classical music and the news.When I heard this song, my whole life changed.. I ditched my Yamaha nylon string classical guitar and...
The thing that I wish I did not have to keep repeating over? Fry screaming is my original term referring to a VERY specific true vocal fold (TVF) source maneuver. The way I saved Garrett from vocal an annihilation is teaching him fry screaming - but he doesnt exclusively do fry screaming. He doe...
The pathway to claiming your truth as a vocalist is acquiring solid technique. Solid means spontaneous, unconscious and reflexive; where confidence replaces every limitation. The vocal that we hear on Bad Omens third record is undeniably a perfect example of how better technique allows genius to ...
On June 17, 2014, a very expensive high-speed Pentax Medical camera recorded (in slow motion) the true vocal fold (TVF) maneuver that I named fry screaming in my 2005 DVD The Zen of Screaming.This was a special day indeed, because this laryngoscopy substantiated what had been a merely intuitive h...
The most amazing feeling in the world is when the voice bolts like a lightning laser across a venue of fans. Voice is a powerful and healing gift. Self-consciousness greatly diminishes that power. @yamanhernherm of @suicidesilence has rock solid technique that never fails him, even on those days ...
@DavidmDraiman was born with a gorgeous instrument. The majesty of that instrument had been somewhat intentionally subdued when we met.Thats because in 2000, that was a time when it seemed safer to hide that beauty than to show it. It was a time where singing or more specifically singing pretty w...
A great vocalist never finishes finding their own sound.Because own sound is NOT something for which to go looking. It can only be achieved with the liberation from the need to be loved by a million strangers in the way that you loved your own idols.You know the ones, those legendary vocalists th...
@silentgarrett of @silentplanetofficial is absolutely killing it at the moment.If you havent yet heard Superbloom, do yourself a favor. I believe that, now with fry screaming in the toolbox, he has been spared the torment that nearly ended his career in Europe in 2018 and everything is just plain...
The best answer is: I dont know I say it until I am blue in the face and hardly anyone GETS IT.I promise you, if you ask any screamer/singer thats worth their salt, What kind of scream do you do?, they will ALL tell you I dont know. Because you are not supposed to know!Fry Screaming, Hybrid Screa...
Fry screaming is a pulse register in Mode 2.If you are a voice scientist, you would know what that means However, knowing how its made doesnt guarantee an ability to do it well. Knowing how the watch works doesnt guarantee you will spend the time well.KNOWING about something helps to organize inf...