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I love doing all kinds of weapon designs, but honestly, staffs (staves?) have always been some of my favorite. Especially when I get to give them a dragon theme. More commission work. If you are still in line for a commission, I am working through my list. I appreciate everyone being patient. I h...
I am getting closer to being able to get back to streaming my art again. I need your help though! What streaming platform do you guys watch these days?I could go back to Twitch, but I have heard that it's not really a great platform for creatives any more. Should I go back to it anyway? How about...
Working on commissions. Back on that Dragon grind. #Alexstrasza #Dragonflight #Warcraft #Cosplay #cosplaydesign #costumedesign #characterdesign #conceptart
It's true. #noAIart #pickupapencil #stopAIart #HIart #HumanIntelligence #supportartists
Birthday dinner! I tried to look for some sprinkles but I didn't find any. #artistlife
I am alive! Working through more commissions. Here is a recent bust portrait of a clients OC! I am working on a bunch of different things at once and trying to work through things quickly. Its my birthday on the 18th and I would love to be able to take a day off.
Hello everyone! I am sorry I have been relatively quiet this week. I have been finishing up on some commissions that I was not permitted to post anywhere. I have also been feeling under the weather and have been dealing with yet another maintenance crisis at my apartment which has disrupted my ab...
I appreciate how excited you guys get over some of my designs. It really fills my heart.I want you to please remember, however, that many of my designs are commissions and as such, the first official cosplay of a design is reserved for the person who commissioned it. (This image is of one of my f...
Finished up the front view of the #Mothra armor on stream tonight! Which do you prefer!? The orange? Or the teal? All part of my #godzilla x #monsterhunter project I am working on this year. If you like this and want to see other kaiju themed armors get designed, consider contributing to my campa...
A better look at the WIP of the #Mothra armor I am designing for the #Monsterhunter X #Godzilla project I am working on this year. I wanted there to be two color variations to represent Mothra's different modes. I am thinking I will do more streaming on this design tonight on #twitch. I am aiming...
A big thank you to everyone who came and hung out while I worked tonight! I am so pleased with how this is turning out! It's my Mothra themed Monster Hunter armor. The first in my new big project for the year! I hope the rest of the project gets funded soon so I can make all the kainu armors I ha...
Happy Valentine's Day friends!I plan to stream this evening starting at 6:30pm PST! I apologize for the radio silence the past week or so. I have been readjusting to being back on my ADHD meds after being without them for two months. I function so much better with them. Tonight I will be working ...