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Last month, we hosted Startup School East, a one-day event in Boston for university students. As part of the event, the Lightcone podcast did their first live stage recording specifically tailored for the students.When youre young, and there are seemingly endless directions you could pursue in li...
Metalware built a foundation model and a copilot for hardware design by focusing on data quality over quantity.
To be able to create something different, you have to be somewhat contrarian.
Atmo uses machine learning to make weather prediction more efficient
RFS: Developer tools inspired by existing internal tools
Does your startup's website pass the first impression test?In this episode of Design Review, YC's Aaron Epstein is joined by Zack Onisko, the former CEO of Dribbble, to review user-submitted websites in under 10 seconds and give their first impression feedback. Theyll provide expert advice on how...
In the beginning, start out small find the one narrow thing that you can do well, and carve out something thats great.
Congratulations to the 2024 YC Top Companies!Since 2005, YC has funded over 4,500 startups, including many that have become household names.The companies on this year's list are collectively valued at $458B, with a combined $57.2B in total revenue generated in 2023.Congrats to the founders who ar...
Choose an area that you are excited to learn about, because you have a lot of learning to do at a startup.
It's time to build.In this episode of the Lightcone, Garry, Jared, Harj, and Diana dive deep into the major trends from the most recent batch of YC using data we've never shared publicly before.It's a glimpse into what might be the most exciting moment to be a startup founder ever. Tune in on You...
At YC we work with founders, throughout the life of their startup and beyond, to build the world-changing companies of the future.And wed love to work with you.The deadline to apply for YC Summer 2024 is Monday, April 22nd at 8pm PDT! Apply today at ycombinator.com/apply.
When youre making important decisions as a founder like what to build or how it should work should you spend lots of time gathering input from others or just trust your gut?In this episode, Dalton and Michael discuss when you should spend time validating and when to just commit. Tune in on You...