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I am allergic to cats... But... Seriously... Who can resist?Have a blessed #Jumah full of Salawat upon our Nabi Muhammed #YahyaIbrahim#OnTheSunnah#Cat #CatPerson#catproblems
Last week, Abu Yahya and I completed Umrah together after visiting our Nabi Muhammed Masjid & praying Fajr near him in his blessed Rawdah.If you have not travelled to the blessed land with your parents, especially in their advanced years, please do. The Umrah I shared with my dad and my group of...
Shameful!Dialogue, debate and robust discussion is more important than ever before! Shame!@universitywa this decision is cowardly & biased and fuels distrust. The @uwamsaHas a long history of due diligence, trusted leadership & discernment in all previous events - tracking back decades. The preju...
*Perth Hajj Seminar Registration*Sunday May 19th 11am-2pm Sh Yahya Ibrahim Hajj Seminar QR Code) *Al-Ameen College 57 Southgate Rd Langford, Perth WA 6110*The unmissable Perth Hajj seminar is open to all intending Hajj, insha Allah. The Seminar is brought t...
Isn't it time you #TravelWithYahya ? #CoffeeInTheHaram#YahyaIbrahim
Alhumdulillah!Allah accept.Abu Yahya - The OGhafizahillah. Those who Know, Know.#YahyaIbrahim#OnTheSunnah
Isn't it time you #TravelWithYahya ? #CoffeeInTheHaram#YahyaIbrahim
Nurturing Future GenerationsTeaching our children about Islam isnt just about imparting knowledge its about securing our future and earning eternal rewards.Join us on a journey of enlightenment with Kutuby, where we instill love for Allah and His Prophet in our little ones.Together, lets pave t...
Alhamdulillah we just finished Fajr in the Prophet's Mosque in Madina.I was blessed to be forward in the Rawdah and am sharing a video of it with you.#YahyaIbrahim #TravelwithYahya
The best demonstration ever of different styles of Adhan! The Imam of the Green Masjid of Bursa (Recep Uyar) sadly passed away three years ago. Here, he teaches the 5 melodies of Adhan to the tour group of Sh @yahya_adel_ibrahim during their heritage tour of Turkey in 2019 with @heritage_tours18M...
To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return. May Allah shower His mercy upon my cousin Ibrahims soul.May He (swt) raise him to the highest levels of jannah. May Allah (swt) grant all strength and patience during this very trying time. Although a shock to us all, a reminder that death can com...
Recap of Tears of Our Beloved with Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim @yahya_adel_ibrahim It was a deeply moving session as we shed tears while learning about the challenges faced by our Prophet (SAW). We discovered practical ways to overcome our personal struggles.We warmly invite you to join our next Al-Mag...