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Being part of that insane pop for CM Punks return is something I will never forget. I was shocked beyond belief when Cult Of Personality hit. I may have stopped posting on this account, but man I still love professional wrestling. You cant beat moments like this.
Up next! The wait is over for CM Punk to return to professional wrestling. #CMPunk #SummerOfPunk
So lets examine something. Two of the most exciting returns had some jarring differences. CM Punk comes back puts over Darby Allin, and sets up a big time PPV match with the young gun. Becky Lynch comes back, gets a title match right away and buries Bianca Belair. I know the word buried is over u...
Hey, everyone. Posting on IG for the first time in a long time (355 days) I have not been keeping up with wrestling as much as I used to. My knowledge of the current stuff is limited to whatever is on my IG feed, but after the news that CM Punk and Daniel Bryan will join AEW, I am once again exci...
You guys already know this post was coming! Wade Barrett is gonna appear on this weeks episode of NXT as a commentator! Its not reported as a full time deal though. Barrett is a phenomenal commentator in my opinion from his FCW days to recently in NWA. Lets see if this leads to something more for...
Welcome to the Thunderdome? What are your thoughts on this new arena structure for WWE programming?
Happy Birthday to this absolute legend Stu Bennett, FKA Wade Barrett, Bad News Barrett and another name we do yall about around here as a lot of you know when Barrett was in WWE I was @Wadebarrettuniverse after he left I changed it to my current name. Being a fan of Barretts was tough at time w...
Would yall like to see Randy Orton as WWE champion again? I personally have been enjoying his current heel run, but Ive also enjoyed Drew McIntyres title reign. I think Id be ok with either result. Looking forward to seeing how this feud goes.
I shouldve posted this last week, but I gotta say; this whole Pat McAfee/Adam Cole scuffle has me very intrigued. As some might know Pat does some work for NXT and he has had some angles done in NXT with Adam Cole. -Now Im a huge fan of The Pat McAfee show, and Ive seen so many great interviews P...
This is the best looking championship WWE has introduced in a long time. Like for real the U.S. title looks prestigious now. I liked the old design, but this is a great redesign.
Interesting picks by Mark Henry for a modern day Nation of Domination. What do you guys think about this?
It sounds like the Undertaker plans on never stepping back inside the squared circles ever again. The phenom has been the most loyal wrestler and the ole reliable for Vince for decades. Its great to see Taker final match being received so well. Some may say his last match shouldve happened way be...