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Set like a jewel in the sky Taj Falaknuma Palace invites you to discover the opulent lives of the Nizams along the most enchanting of experiences
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Lovely evening at Dumfries House with @holland_tom_six to speak @bozzyfest. The house was built by William Crichton Dalrymple, 4th Earl of Stair, in 1743, designed by the Adams brothers and filled with 10% of all surviving Chippendale furniture. Sadly no longer in the family!
A lovelorn Nayika, swooning with passion as the monsoon lightening crackles, and her attendants gossip: the Nainsukh family style at its very loveliest in this masterpiece from the Second Generation c1820 (Private Collection)VASAKASAJJA NAYIKA, THE EXPECTANT HEROINE, SIGNED BY CHAITU, GRANDSON O...
A huge and magnificent complex of white classical villas and mansions raised above the town on its own acropolis, the Falaknuma Palace was the principal residence of the sixth Nizam of Hyderabad. When I first saw it, in 1998, it was empty and semi-ruinous, locked by court order, with every window...
Faces of Nagarjunakonda From the 2ndC BCE until the 4thC CE, Nagarjunakonda was the most important town on the East Coast of India, a power centre of first the Satavahanas, then the Ikshvakus. Under both, it was a major centre of early Buddhism, of learning and of the arts. The school of sculptur...
Masterpieces from Phanigiri Just been blown away by the wonderful Phanigiri site museum, which opened last week, three hours drive from Hyderabad. Some of the greatest masterpieces of Indian Buddhist art on show to the public for the first time- such as the wonderful fragment of a Boddhisattva, ...
Gulbarga- Capital of the breakaway Bahmani Sultanate and the centre of the independent Deccan from 1350
Farewell Hampi! Next stop Kanaganahalli(With ten million thanks to the amazing @evolvebackhampi for the best hospitality!)
Kanaganahalli: The Great Stupa of the Netherworlds-Glimpses of the ancient courts of the Buddhist Deccan
On 20th March 1984, I celebrated my 19th birthday in Hampi. Exactly forty years later, I'm back in the same place, equally dazzled... Thank you all for the lovely messages. With ten million thanks to the amazing @evolvebackhampi for the best ever hospitality!
The Greatest Empire You've Probably Never Heard Of The Gupta Empire is often extolled as the 'Golden Age' of Ancient India, but it was arguably their predecessors who did more to put India on the world map.The Kushans (30-375AD) are an empire that few people have heard of today. Beginning as noma...
Just arrived in Meghalaya to learn that the Khasis here still perform rituals around megaliths and sacred groves. Indeed villages here still give each other menhirs, though today they usually arrive by truck rather than wooden rollers from the quarry.Today, the stones can have multiple functions...
Masterpieces of Kushan & Gandharan Sculpture in the Chandigarh collection@museumchd