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After endless are we there yet? we FINALLY arrived at the Kingdom of Far Far Away! #farfaraway #shrek #singapore
Behold the Golden Temple of #amritsar #india Just to clarify , this orange scarf was mandatory , not optional. And there were soldiers with spears making sure you were wearing them.
When you're in a hurry to get to a certain place before it closes, but nature keeps begging for attention! #icelandicproblems#iceland I'm like: Ok fine , but just one photo then I'm moving on. One photo!
When you're trying to look macho but there are just too many flowers in your surroundings #copenhagen #denmark
Apparently, nice tail was not the right thing to say to the Little Mermaid #copenhagen #denmark
Pic1: No matter how big your problem, you can always take three steps back and kick it right in the ... Pic2: Nevermind! Bad idea! #gdansk #poland
Lithuania my 62nd country , came as an interesting surprise I had no high expectations, so it was kind of in my face beautiful country. #trakai #lithuania
For all crossaholics out there , I found your place! #hillofcrosses located in #siauliai #lithuania more than 200.000 crosses in one place, definitely recommend this awesome and unique attraction. AT DAYLIGHT! those who wanna venture there alone in the dark, good luck!
Estonia my 61st country. Nice to finally meet you! These are ruins of an old cathedral in #tartu #estonia Heading to Tallinn now and for those who read the text this far, do me a favor: have an awesome weekend
Budapest is not the same anymore ... thieves and burglars everywhere and apparently, of every size too #budapest #hungary
And the Most Anti-Social award goes to... that lonely house on the island! #vestmannaeyjar #iceland Ps: btw I'm standing on a volcano called Eldfell risking my life for your entertainment! just wanted to point that out
We will miss you #notredame #paris #france