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Women are facing crises on all fronts, from the changing climate to broken services to escalating violence against us. But once again, we are being sidelined in an election campaign that seems more concerned with scoring cheap points than the issues that affect us most.We can and must demand bett...
The scale of violence against women and girls is too huge to be tackled by the police or the justice system. Particularly when it is known to harbour perpetrators. The only way to end male violence is to target the misogyny and inequality that drives it.
#Pride2024 #PrideMonth #Pride365 #lgbtqpride #bethegood
We are devastated by horrors perpetrated by the IDF in Gaza over the last six months. Reports of mass graves, targeting of civilians and aid workers, the destruction of almost all medical infrastructure, the sickening death toll of over 35,000 Palestinians, and now, attacks on a refugee camp, onc...
The only acceptable approach to tackling violence against women and girls is a zero-tolerance approach. Political parties and candidates must not engage like this with hateful people and platforms promoting dangerous and violent ideologies.
Rishis big gamble
Thank you so much to the wonderful Kay Wesley for her work and vision. The Feminist Republic of Congleton is incredibly fortunate to have you as Mayor.
The only thing that will tackle abuse in parliament is a zero-tolerance approach.
I wonder why...
For almost two years, we have seen the devastation caused by the overturning of Roe v Wade in America. Now, the attack on abortion rights has reached the UK.In less than a week, MPs could face the biggest vote on abortion rights in a generation. On 15th May the Criminal Justice Bill will return t...
Thank you to everyone that wrote! #TimeToAct
Tell your MP to support the amendments to decriminalise abortion next week! Already written? Write again! Whether you're in England, Wales, or Scotland, the sign up through the linktr.ee in our bio