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Charmed, Im sure This year, I judged Tablescapes and specialty Pink Sand Pineapple mint specialty cocktails aboard dozens of luxury charter yachts and catamarans! Im loving every minute of it! This is just Day 1! #bahamasyachtshow20203
Sigh. January 38th and we still have 2 more weeks to go. Side bar this is one of my favorite places in Nassau.
My one pickney is 5 today! Over these years so many of you have watched your lil internet niece grow in love and play! So many of you see her out and about and give her love. I honestly cant gush enough about my Zenndarah Naomi, but for now This is 5!YHWH is faithful! Happy Birthday my sweet, ram...
5 looks good on you Sweet Ting!#HappyBirthday
Empire Fitness has training programs and I follow their Virtual Training program. Sessions are customized and tailored specifically for you. Yall getting this clappas to the sky or wha?! #empirefirtness
Happy New Year Humans!
Ok 2023! You did a thing! Didnt realise how strong i was. Now.. 2024 i want you to know that im ready for the soft life.See yall next year! #HappyNewYear #NYE #NewYearsEve #CaribbeanArtist
Merry ChristmasCompliments of this beautiful season all the way from Bahamas. Me and my Zenndarah Naomi are blessed beyond measure and feel all the love
Merry Christmas, Beloveds
If you havent seen my latest video or streamed my newest single as yet, you can check it out on my website, vevo, YouTube, Apple Music and all digital download portals! Www.wendi242music.com watch ya step cause its SLIPPERY when wet #caribbeanmusic #wendi #djcheem #cheem #soca2024
Christmas is one of the most special times of the year for Bahamians! Theres so much to do! Here is one more thing to add to your list! #thingstodoinNassau #atlantislocal #bahamas #christmas
Honour. Respect. Sadness. An inescapable feeling of shock. He was always kind and pleasant and down to earth. An Artists artist if you will. This is unfair to your loved ones, children and to your beloved and also to you. Rest in sweet peace, Drue. #RicardoDrue