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Together Apart Alex Rebecca have authored 22 books including Alexs Dislocations Rebeccas Night Calls jointly Brooklyn Waves
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WEEKEND WORKSHOPFinding Your Vision: Milan, Nov. 15-17Applications Open: June 4 Do you know where your photography is going nextor where its taking you? Consider join us for this intensive weekend workshop in Milan Nov. 15-17. Its open to passionate amateurs and professionals, students and educat...
PART OF EVES DISCUSSIONIt was like the moment when a bird decides not to eat from your hand,and flies, just before it flies, the moment the rivers seem to stilland stop because a storm is coming, but there is no storm, as whena hundred starlings lift and bank together before they wheel and drop,v...
APPLICATIONS OPENArt of Editing: Magnum FoundationFriday Sept. 27-Monday Sept. 30Limit: 12 PhotographersWorkshop Details: Link in bioDo you know where your photography project is going nextor where its taking you? Please consider joining us for the Art of Editing Workshop, in which youll learn ho...
THE SOUND OF LIGHTI cant overhearlight, cant stroke it or scratch it,cant turn it over.Its a lot like grief, which hasringlets of light streaked through it.Victoria Chang, from the book, The Trees Witness Everything @copper_canyon_press IN MEMORIAM: This Memorial Day Weekend, we dedicate this pos...
APPLICATIONS OPENAurora Scholarship for Finding Your VisionAurora PhotoCenter, Indianapolis, Oct. 4-6If youre a young photographer (18-32 years old), consider applying for this tuition-free Aurora Scholarship to attend our upcoming workshop, Finding Your Vision, in IndianapolisAURORA SCHOLARSHIP:...
THE WILLOWSAs we are made by what moves us,willows pull the water up into their farthest reachwhich curves again downdivining where their life begins.So, under travels up, and down and up again,and the wind makes music of what water was.Marie Howe, from the book, Marie Howe: New & Selected Poems ...
Last light deepeningas if red were / a requiem.Rebecca Norris Webb, from WavesJoin us Saturday, March 18, for Two Looks, our joint museum talk at PAAM at 2pm. And afterwards, please stop by our collaborative WAVES exhibition at the museum on Cape Cod, which up thru Monday May 27.WAVES at PAAM, Ta...
SAT. TALK: TWO LOOKSProvincetown Art Association & Museum, 2PMIn this Cape Cod slide talk, Alex & Rebecca will discuss the process of working together & apartincluding working on their PAAM exhibition WAVES, and their accompanying Radius book. The talk will be followed by a Q&A & book signing.WAV...
WORKSHOP UPDATE: HALF FULL!Finding Your Vision: Aurora PhotoCenterOct. 4-6; Indianapolis; Register: Link in BioDo you know where your photography is going nextor where its taking you? Consider joining us for this intensive weekend workshop in Indianapolis the first weekend in October. Its open to...
PERSEPHONE, IN THE MEADOWWhen I looked at the meadow flowers,many of them looked backoffering their faces: sometimes crawling with ants or a bee. / And that was that.But after Id spent several hours with my motherI often felt her face on my faceas if my face were her face.After leaving my mother ...
GRIFFIN SCHOLARSHIPFinding Your Vision: Griffin MuseumOct. 18-20; For Photo StudentsLink in BioThis workshop scholarship is open to university and photo school studentspart-time & full-time, including those who graduate in spring/summer 2024. If chosen, youll attend tuition-free this weekend work...
NEW SCHOLARSHIPFinding Your Vision: Griffin MuseumOct. 18-20; For Photography StudentsApplications are now open for a tuition-free scholarship for a university or photography school student (part time or full time; undergrad or grad) to attend our upcoming weekend workshop at the Griffin Museum n...