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Will we see you there? Taco truck, cars, a live band @mercy_brothers After the GNRS 6pm-11pm. @kitkatstnbrkr and I are looking forward to seeing you! #gnrs #grandnationalroadstershow @luckyburton
My Yoder is ringing in the New Year!! I hammered out my first roof inserts of the year today January 4,2024! I hammered out three 36-36 Ford 5w roof inserts!! Its a great feeling being on the Powerhammer!! There are days I have hated it!! There have been days when I cussed the thing when a panel ...
I love being at my shop making panels every opportunity I can get!
Heres a 36 3 window roof insert headed off to England, as in where the King of England lives! Its the first panel made with the new die I shaped to replace the somewhat broken one. So cheers to everyone in hammerland!! #metalshaping101 #yoderpowerhammer #pettingellpowerhammer #handmade#36ford#hot...
It not very often I build a roof insert for a 1930 Model A Vicky. In fact this is the second one in 28 years. I got it all hammered and welded up with the help of John McKeighan. This week he will be getting it installed and I will have some more pics to share. Good Monday everyone in metal shapi...
Is the broken die haves. Obviously the crack developed at the dovetail and it had had a crack in it for a very long time before finally, broke! It is oil soaked on the inside where the crack was. #powerhammer #yoder#metalshaping##handmade #itsbroken #hotrod
Today is a very sad day for me! For the past 28 years I have used my Yoder to hammer out over 3200 roof inserts, Door Skins. This is always been the day that I have used for every single one of them didnt matter the crown of the panel this was the die! And today he said I retire! Its split right...
What do you do when you run out of packaging paper on a Sunday morning??? Well I had to use up a few of the old 32 Ford 75th anniversary posters we printed up back in 2007! Fortunately the top is for a 32 Ford 5 window!!#1932fordcoupe #hotrod #yoderpowerhammer #handmade #baileigh_industrial indus...
I got it going this morning at 4:30am. Hammered out a 32 3window roof insert for the boys at Mercury Charlies in Austin. Also, hammered out a couple of 32 5 window roof inserts as well. I love the early morning before the sun comes up! The world is peaceful and I can concentrate. Three tops ready...
Fired up Big Daddy this morning at 5am. Building a few sets of 32 3window door skins. Next is the belt line bead, door handle stamp, and flange the front and bottom of the door panel. These door skins are super deep and I have to run the hammer on KILL then its full throttle and hang on!! Its a w...
Well my roof insert buck for the 32-34 Ford Coupes made it back from its Texas vacation at Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas for the Baileigh Metalfest safe and sound! I am always nervous about shipping something that is almost replaceable or at least something that I dont want to have to replace, Howe...