The Vodka Soda Boys

A few Boys who enjoy Vodka some Soda and a Lime Throw that together lets see what happens

DM us your Vodka Soda

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Told our waitress at the Catalina Club that we dont want to see the bottom of our glass for the rest of the night #vodkasodaboys #vsb
Red (Vodka), White (Soda), and Blue (Vodka). Everyone have a hell of a 4th of July! #vodkasodaboys #vodkalimesoda
I'm a Vodka Soda Boy, too #vodkasodaboys #vsb
People always ask us: Whats your end game? Our answer: Take over the world #vsb #vodkasodaboys
Sailed the Lime Scooner down to St. Barths for a quick product launch with @orlandobloom. Next stop: Blackbeards Cove, Antigua #vsb #vodkasodaboys
How the sausage (Vodka Soda) is made #vodkasodaboys #vsb
Watercolor painting submission from little Timmy - a talented 7 year old from Mrs. Doolittles class at Lincoln Elementary School #vodkasodaboys #vsb
We actually won this island from a game of dominos #vodkasodaboys #vsb
The Vodka Soda Boys have risen... from their hangover #easter #vodkasodaboys #20K
The only thing more American than baseball is a Vodka Soda #vodkasodaboys
Vodka Sodas - the new Gatorade @tigerwoods
Everything the light touches is the Vodka Soda Boys Kingdom