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Never take anything for granted treat others the way you want to be treated
hate the world without u maddys song is out everywhere now
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A little throwback Thursday to Vic having a blast before releasing Tripped!! Who else was bursting with excitement to hear the song? I know we were @victoriajustice #victoriajustice #Tripped #newmusic
Some of the most iconic Vic looks from 2023, which one would you steal?? #VictoriaJustice @victoriajustice
Look at the starsLook how they shine for youAnd everything you doYeah, they were all yellow- Coldplay One of my favorite songs of all time (not by Victoria, obviously). Whats one of your favorite lyrics of all time?@victoriajustice#victoriajustice
Happy Full Moon to you. @victoriajustice#victoriajustice
Waiting for the perfect stranger.Its always a good time to listen to Vics music, especially #OnlyAStranger@victoriajustice#victoriajustice
Take some time to spread some sunshine. It makes the world so much better.@victoriajustice#victoriajustice
heres your reminder to not be too nice unless you want to remain only a stranger@victoriajustice#victoriajustice
She rose to the occasion, will you?From Only a Stranger to the Last Man Standing @victoriajustice#victoriajustice
Cheers to the weekend! Go make new friends (you know what will happen when you befriend a stranger)@victoriajustice#victoriajustice
Nothing beats working from your couch.Cant wait to see what Victorias work from home project is!@victoriajustice#victoriajustice
Yall had a lot of good things to look forward to. Thanks for sharing wonderful reasons to always keep looking up. @victoriajustice#victoriajustice
Looks like summer is almost over, what are you looking to do before the season is done?@victoriajustice#victoriajustice