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This is Sweden weve got the northern lights and the Nobel Prize the midnight sun and the cinnamon bun Swedense and our community standards
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Alls fair in love and poetry New album THE TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT Out now
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Every year, over 40 places in Stockholm are transformed into summer streets/places/quays, with limited car traffic and more space for pedestrians, public activities, events, culture, art installations, flower arrangements, and outdoor seating!Some examples: Malmskillnadsgatan, a summer street wi...
Glad Midsommar (Happy Midsummer) from Stockholm! Today we celebrate summertime and the light, on one of the brightest days of the year! We have around 18,5h of daylight in Stockholm today.: Henrik Trygg#stockholm
Explore Stockholms garden cafs this summer! Youll find plenty of lovely cafs and restaurants for Swedish fika in green oases all around town these are some garden cafs to bookmark in the city and southern Stockholm this summer: @storahenriksvik in Lngholmen (in the video) @kafehimlavalvet in Ob...
Will you be in Stockholm this weekend? You're lucky! On Friday, it's time for one of our most beloved traditions Midsummer's Eve, Midsommarafton! We celebrate summer and the light by spending time with friends and family, visiting the city parks and archipelago, dancing around maypoles, making (...
Discover Vattentorget, a new, modern waterfront area and meeting place between Gamla Stan and Sdermalm, where the city meets the water! Here you can watch the waters of Lake Mlaren flow into the Baltic Sea through the Victoria Lock, named after HRH The Crown Princess Victoria. Future plans inc...
Every season in Stockholm has its charm, and as we do get our fair share of downpour during the year the city is full of places and activities to enjoy even on a rainy day!Why not discover Stockholm's museums, enjoy a Swedish fika, explore the art in the subway or browse local delicacies in a foo...
Explore the award-winning artist, acclaimed author and international blacktress Vaginal Davis in Stockholm! In her pioneering and incredibly diverse oeuvre, punk meets glamour, queer activism meets racial justice and resistance meets joy.Magnificent Product is Vaginal Davis' first major solo exhi...
Today we celebrate the Archipelago Boat Day in Stockholm and the archipelago! Getting to the Stockholm archipelago is part of the adventure! Youll find a guide to some of the best ways to get from Stockholm city to the unique nature and culture of the Stockholm Archipelago in our story, and chec...
Are you in Stockholm this week? Great! There is A LOT going on! 4 highlights: Techno-house music festival at @munchenbryggeriet, June 14-15 New major exhibition at by street art artist and activist Shepard Fairey, June 14-October 13 Drive-in cinema by @sthlmfilmfes...
The beautiful Parliament House (Riksdagshuset in Swedish), is the seat of the parliament of Sweden, the Riksdag. It is located on the small Helgeandsholmen island, in Stockholm's old town, Gamla stan. Maybe a prime example of Sweden's openness and transparency is the fact that the building is op...
10 rooftop bars for endless summer nights in Stockholm! Stockholms newest rooftop restaurant and bar offers spectacular views of Stockholm, and is open every day, all summer! Bookmark this list of alfresco rooftop bars and restaurants in Stockholm for your next bright summer even...
Happy National Day of Sweden! Are you in Stockholm today? #stockholm