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hey u freaking angels I hope you are SO so good. I have been so ZONED in bro oh my GOD. I have been so in the damn zone that I forgot to post on here like how silly am I for that. JKS I dont post cuz Im a self conscious little boob wow. Anyways album is 10 tracks and 35 mins epic WIN love u
Omg hi Did you know when I buzzed my head my productivity went up 40% for some reason. My hair was holding me Back Wow rude !! Album almost done W T F can we get some in the chat ???
Buhbye 2023 !!! Happy mew year 2024 bonanza
The big 26 we did it mama !! Hardest year ever and I got thru it cuz of my epic willpower I love u all.
hi!! (Epic long post) its been a while since I last posted. Ive been keeping busy as a little Busy Boy putting together my next emotional Music project. Which I will touch on after I speak on some other stuff. I would like to say thank you to my listeners and supporters. Ive always had a hard tim...
This pic is a constant reminder my peak was a long time ago bro fml
LINK ON STORY Bruh wow this is out now and Im so happy with how it turned out!! All the hard work these people put in is insane and Im so grateful for their talent and discipline and epicness also of course. Soooo many people were a part of this man big shouts out to everyone. Director: @averyste...
mouth full of dirt out 2NITE. WOW This song was so epic and fun to make with @natecampany and @wholesome_kyle AKA @wearevalleygirl what a damn Blast. I hope this gives everybody a hot girl summer And if it doesnt u should definitely replay it until it does
Man this comes out tomorrow and Im so pumped for you guys to see into my mindhole. Also new song out FRIDAY, presave in BIO
The Sheesh Podcast EP. 4 is out now w/ @verzachemane. Available on YouTube and Spotify. Link in bio.
U know what never gets old? Deez nuts tell me what never gets old for u also how do u gems like the song!!?
new VERZACHE song 12 am EST 9 pm PST. Very epic sounding song for 2023. Lets start to convince ourselves that verzache is super cool and makes us all sexy. I think that would be a good thing for us to do