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This stinks. Despite both LOral and Este Lauders zero-tolerance policy on child labour, the Pefumes Dark Secret documentary reveals children as young as five picking Jasmine for suppliers that make perfume for these luxury brands. The cherry on top? One supplier had been awarded a verification th...
Fashion PoliticsCan you STOP bringing politics into fashion! Fashion is a trillion dollar industry, responsible for employing over 60 million people, financially invested in convincing citizens that we are nothing more than consumers. Consumers who should not question why it takes a Big Fashion ...
Not A (Ne)Slay Just last month, a new report found that @Nestle's infant milk and cereal products sold in the Global South have high levels of added sugars, whereas the equivalent Nestl products sold in the UK and Europe do not. This goes against advice from The World Health Organisation which h...
Fresh dystopian hell.Textiles and fashion have been a crucial part of resistance for centuries and our clothes are inherently political. Last night, The Met Gala took the decision to go ahead with business as usual, with its cheek firmly turned away from a literal g3nocide. Dont let the corsets d...
Cottoning OnA recent report by Earthsight traced 800,000 tonnes of 'ethical' cotton products from @Zara and @HM and found links to illegal deforestation, land grabbing and corruption in one of Brazil's biodiversity hotspots, currently facing destruction to make way for large scale agribusiness. T...
Pepsi? Pepno! BDS are calling for a boycott of Sodastream and Sabra Hummus, both owned by PepsiCo. To learn more about other targeted boycotts, please see @BDSNationalCommittee and, Inc. [Stock Analysis]Pepsico, Unilever and Nestl accused of complicity in il...
Taste The Feeling!The Coca-Cola Company is home to a whopping five hundred brands, with a higher income than two thirds of the worlds entire countries and a valuation of $106 billion. Despite the UN only recognising 195 states worldwide, Coca-Cola has managed to sell its products in over 200 coun...
Big Fashion > Fast FashionFast fashion is notorious for worker exploitation within the fashion supply chain, but there are countless examples of luxury brands using the same harmful labour practices. This is why we must shift the dial from solely critiquing fast fashion and instead focus on ~Big ...
Flat Packed Forests #adIn the UK alone, over 22 million items of furniture end up in landfill every year. @Vinterior are on a mission to change that and make second-hand more accessible. To make this dream a reality, they recently launched a peer-to-peer resale platform, with items starting at ju...
A @McDonalds (Un)happy Meal This multibillion dollar food corporation has fuelled the very soldiers who, just days ago, mass4cr3d over 118 starving Palest1n1ans as they queued for food.It's imperative that our boycotting is as targeted as possible, so please ensure you follow and support @BDSNati...
Lets flip the switch on this stat! #ad Setting aside time to organise our wardrobes, read the care labels, learn to sew and darn, make alterations, swap with friends, find new ways to style our clothes, swap and resell are all great ways to wear more, buy less and remember who made them. Together...
Fossil Fashion! #adIntroducing the hottest show on Earth, The Fashion Danger Zone!Not only is Big Fashion over-supplying more garments than ever, the amount of synthetic fibres (materials including: acrylic, polyester, nylon, polyamide, elastane) that it uses represents 69% of all materials. This...