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I really want to know where the #vegananimalrightsactivists have been in the last 4 months. The ones I thought I had found community with because I THOUGHT they understood all oppression, abuse, exploitation and violence sprung from the same place. That regardless of WHO was being oppressed - hum...
Israeli snipers hunt Palestinian civilians, including children (and also animals) on a daily basis as a means of entertainment. They have absolutely zero respect for any Palestinian life. In what world is this tolerated where a man goes looking for food for his starving family and gets murdered?!...
Palestinian civilians abducted by Israeli forces in Khan Younis seen barefoot in the cold, blindfolded at a site inside an israeli settlement. With numbers on their back and in white suits after they were stripped. In the video taken by journalists you can see the men are clearly exhausted from t...
If you do not oppose this, you are broken. #whitephosphorus #israelwarcrimes #freepalestine #savegaza #savegazachildren #israelterrorist
How horrible is it that all of their names couldnt even fit them all in this thread. This does not include any of the names of the thousands of children that are trapped underneath the rubble and missing. Names provided by @aljazeera - Know Their Names ArticleSlides by @wearthepeace #gazachildren...
As I saw @wildcountryfarmsanctuary say (please support them btw) ANIMAL RIGHTS LEADERS MUST address humanitarian crises like genocide. Silence is not acceptable. Human and animal injustices are connected in every way imaginable and your silence is one of the biggest obstacles keeping people uninf...
It takes many years of racist conditioning to be able to see image after image of multilated children for 73 days straight and not cry out for it to stop #freepalestine #israelwarcrimes
Every single person and animal in Gaza is starving #freepalestine #freegaza #israelwarcrimes
Please follow Palestinian photographer and journalist @belalkh, this video is reposted from his account #ceasefirenow
Please watch until the end video by @dcipalestine More than 7,870 Palestinian children have been killed by Israeli forces in Gaza since October 7, according to the Governmental Media Office.Some children who survive the bombings, like 13-year-old Sarah, are now the only living members of their f...
We need a permanent ceasefire. We need to go back to our homes! We need to bury our loved ones. This is torturous. Imagine the level of devastation they're seeing now. Imagine the news we're receiving of dead loved ones who were killed and we didn't even know... right now Gazans are literally dis...
You cannot be vegan while supporting a genocide. Sincerely, a Palestinian vegan whos truly had enough with the vegan/AR community and their proud & public displays of Zionism. I dont even have words for them anymore.Most of you reading this probably arent like that though, so thank you. I feel li...