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Cosplayer, Content Creator & Twitch Affiliate
Alt egos: Half Elf Ranger, Elf BarBEARian & Dragonborn Samurai Warlock
Part-time Farmer and Gecko Mom
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I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Ghibli Museum while in Japan! It was magical.
I went to a Candlelight concert featuring the best of Joe Hisaishi last night. It was a beautiful setting and nice to hear some studio Ghibli favorites played by a string quartet.
One of this years Ren Faire looks my ears did not want to behave. They refused to stay on straight lol
Streaming Pokmon dnd tonight with!!!Come join @lil_tungsta, @allycatastrophe, @djkyon, and @lua.stardust
Comfy in my cardi by @steady_hands
I love my new cardi I love the design, fit, and comfort of @steady_hands cardigans. They are sooo cozy they are having a giveaway for reaching 150k followers so make sure you check them out and enter! #steadyhands150k
Thanks for the memories, Ash and Pikachu! What an incredible journey. I will most likely be crying a ton when I finally watch The Rainbow and the Pokmon Master! Im LOVING all the fan art Im seeing on Twitter though Its cool to see a series touch so many people. #pokemon #ashandpikachu
Comfy in my Howls cardi from @steady_hands I usually do a Ghibli film fest once a year and watch through the catalog. What are your top 3 Studio Ghibli moves?Mine are:Spirited AwayFrom up on Poppy HillThe Wind RisesAhhh its actually hard to boil it down to just three.Honorable mention to:TotoroM...
Fun day at the Renaissance Festival
I participated in a Tea Ceremony today It was a beautiful morning and a fantastic way to learn more about this aspect of Japanese culture and history.
Revenge of the 5th. I loved cosplaying as Darth Maul!
Beep boop you know what day it is