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Mineral and Crystal Artwork
Handmade Crochet
Nature Exploration including foraging macro photography and rockhounding
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Studio views that get increasingly chaotic as you swipe.
What do we think about hand carved, linocut gift tags?
Just restocked the rainbow potholders (with rainbow twist backs). Limited number. L i n k in b i o and story.
Just re-purposing scraps of adhesive paper that Ive been cutting off shipping labels after ordering the wrong size. Running a small business can be pretty humbling and not very glamorous but Im loving every minute of it!
Since Ive been focusing on my crochet work recently and the fact that I saw a crochet SWEATER being sold for $20 from a fast fashion brand yesterday Maybe you learned something new. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!
I hope this reaches the right people. People who love art, minerals, modern crochet and small business talk (which you can hear more of in the full version of these videos on my story). 8 days and 39 sales to go. If anything here piqued your interest, please feel free to ask questions or check ou...
To be clear, I wasnt able to start and finish all those potholders today, they were all nearly done and I just joined the front and back with a final round of crochet to finish them. 7 days to my birthday, 25 sales to go. THANK YOU to all of you who shared my reels and stories yesterday to get t...
Winter has come and its time for quiet hibernation for us bears, hedgehogs and humans. And I dont know about you, but puzzles are (for me) the quintessential hibernation activity. I hope you and yours are having a peaceful holiday season.
Fantastic sale going on on Etsy through Wednesday when you use the code YES10 to get $10 off any order over $40. Please support your favorite artists and makers!
Its magic and its not. It was not magical when I was hot, sweating and plagued by mosquitos and ticks, wandering for over an hour though unfamiliar woods trying not to get lost, but the moment my eyes caught the familiar sight of these chicken of the wood, my heart raced, I was overcome with grat...
Ready to move on and (maybe) start sharing a little more again, but its going to look different than in the past. Thanks for being here, hope youre doing okay.
Depression, winter and life have been a struggle but Im starting to see beauty in little things again and want to share in case you need something peaceful to look at too.