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We are thrilled to announce that Psalmist Maranda Curtis will be joining us at Ancient Oil! Her powerful and prophetic voice carries the essence of Ancient Oil, and we cant wait for you to experience it. Dont miss out on this incredible event - get your tickets now using the link in our bio! Let...
I have an extremely hard time posting videos of myself.. one, because I want to be careful to see to it that all glory goes to God. I dont want anyone to look at a clip and go away talking about me and not the Father. Two, some people use clips to sell themselves.. and build ministriesIm not for ...
Get ready for an incredible experience with Pastor T. Renea Glenn at Ancient Oil 2024! Were thrilled to have her back, bringing her powerful prophetic voice and the anointing of Ancient Oil. Dont miss out on this opportunity to be blessed and inspired by Pastor Glenns ministry. Secure your ticke...
Get ready to be inspired and empowered at #AncientOil2024 with the incredible Dr. Medina Pullings! This Powerhouse is a conference speaker, pastor, mentor, and so much more! Her impact reaches far and wide, and you wont want to miss out on her prophetic message. Grab your ticket now and get read...
Its our Anniversary Happy 4 year Anniversary #AllNationsDC ! Four years of lives being changed, delivered & set free! Meet us 1/28/24 to help us celebrate our Church Anniversary! This is just the beginning! Drop in the comments what year you joined us!
REGISTRATION IS NOW OPENUse the LINK IN MY BIO to purchase your ticket today. Early Bird Registration is only open until 2/13. Grab your tickets TODAY! #AncientOil #AO24 #trinahairstonministries
One thing for certain, two for surePastoring is not for the faint of heart. But we are going to stand together, lay together, pray together, and dance together!And if the church dont go in when the Leaders em
We are getting ready.Save the date April 10th-13th#AO24
You made me smile. You touched my heart at one of the points where I needed it the most. And I want to say thank you. Every like, every comment, every happy birthday wish, I needed it. THANK YOU!!! I am a Game Changer and it is
My Mother saw the RED Suit and told me to change my clothes. So because I am still an obedient child..I present to you 40ate..: @peculiar_images
In a season thats full of transition, the one thing that has remained constant is you. For most of my life I have had you to lean on, confide in, and most of all loveAnd now as you grow, become and soar, it amazes me that your posture toward me and your family has never changed. You are still my ...
It was about this time that I was in my Mothers womb applying PRESSURE!!! Issa Birthday brewing..#TrinasEve