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This superset go crazy for Baepillows.@awall_monstrosity Put me on these. Close grip db press/ Db Champagne s/s Db flys.Essential a cluster set of 3 exercises.I was taxed after this
massive amount of client resultsThats my #1 priority this year
Its just a feeling you cant explainPeep the joggers!Theyre from @zephyrcollectionusa Use code Trey to get a 10% discount On your entire order
We at the Land!!I will never take my gift for granted again..
Fall back, focus on yourself, stack your bread, do some research, create a plan and take action& spam Lateral Raises
Been locked away in the hyperbolic time chamber with @team__fidelis Yesterdays back workout1- Over hand lat Pulldowns (not shown) 4x102Neutral grip low cable rows (1 rep + 1 partial = 1 full rep) 4x83Seated Machine Row (nothing fancy)4x10 (1 sec contraction each rep)4Lat push downs- 3x12 (pump i...
If you enjoy listen to my loud ass heres 8 minutes of footage.If my voice annoys you keep on scrolling lmao!Good times intense session @romeezus
man look i feel like a old head & Im so outta tune with social media forreal now.Yall gone get this slide show with all these queens Lol , bless
I Owe This To Yall -Over the course of the year, Ive dipped my hands into, imma just be honestWay to many projects & honestly, it was a hard pill to swallow but, you will not/ can not & will not learn & become an expert at everything-What I can say confidently though, is that Ive acquired more va...
We back in this bihhhAint nothing like having those savage workouts with the squad S/o to @machado_versus - he was on the 1s & 2sS/o to my former home It was good to be back@officialalphaletegym S/o to my big bros @awall_2ten @ifbbpro_kjones @awall_2ten @jusstephen @_badmanmo Also s/o to @darcsp...