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Crazy how weak I feel right now . Its been since Kentucky minus one crack trainer session that Ive gotten to train. Ive had one true day off during the last 6 weeks of teaching, working and family stuff in Wisconsin. Ive tried fitting everything in but I run out of hours in the day. The last real...
Smiling faces the last @crack_camp for the spring wrapped up this past weekend. I cant believe I got to torture so many climbers with all the cracks they could handle this spring. Its an honor truly. I feel so lucky to have a small shared part of peoples climbing journey - I really feel it on th...
JUST LOOK AT IT. Were back on our bs again with @gorisb @tradprincess collab art day. It took us 7 hours to create something we felt good enough to spray about. And were over it now. Onward! P.s. this is so special and wont be the last
Garage in Moab crack trainer time is a massive upgrade from crack trainer time on the patio in Phoenix with the hornets. I dunno though. Im not loosing a massive load of skin from the heat and sweat. This luxury might make me soft .
Packing for @crack_camp via @redriveradventures Super excited to get more sand in my @wildcountry_official friends and more people stoked on cracks!!!
Another amazing @crack_camp for the books I didnt take as many pictures with my phone this time because we were having too much fun. I think day three wake up vibes were the best nothing like waking up and getting motivated by I believe I can Fly with an amazing sunrise
Have you ever run into a crack climb that just wasnt a good size for you? Recently our ambassador @adventuresam projected Bruce Lee AF and ran into this problem. She had to invert the 4s roof unlike all of her friends who managed to fist or lay back the entire thing! Its really awesome to see ath...
So happy to have graduated this May! Id wanted to go back to school for years and finally took the plunge a few years ago. It was scary starting all over again, but I wanted to do this for myself and am so grateful I did. I really appreciate all the support Ive received from friends who shared t...
Very grateful for teaching another @crack_camp we had amazing humans who gave a 110% of effort. So proud of all the growth I saw. I felt a lot of stress looking at the weather for this one. I really had to monitor the radar everyday morning and night - highly recommend the app. Making ...
Sometimes I have no idea what to do with all the photos I take so heres a fun edit Here are a few of @tompaulrandall and the bull climbing an amazing splitter in Indian creek called The King. Thanks @wildcountry_official for making my favorite cams :)
I freaking love @crack_camp !! First one of the year and I feel so incredibly lucky and inspired by everyone who we had the privilege to teach this weekend :) Thanks @redriveradventures @mr.samuelforeman and @gorisb for helping me create the next generation of crack climbing addicts! Link in bio ...
The Cleaver video is finally ready and published! Head over to YouTube to watch it. Link in my (Evans) bio. Its a longer video, but packed with a lot of great memories, hard fighting, and lots of vulnerable mental and physical struggles. I am so honored and thankful to have help from SO MANY peop...