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The best view So many friends came to help teach, thanks for all the help. Missed @livingstonaaron and tried our hardest to channel his energy.
Use cams to make sure your measurements are accurate. A #1 sized cam isnt a one inch crack width! A lil variation is fine. I am pretty happy that mine is imperfect because I get mileage on a lot of between sizes.If you want more advice hit up @nicholashostak hes the one that helped me build this ...
Its that time of year again! The time where I start gearing up for @crack_camp! Wooooo! Crack Camps are the only reason I have so much freaking gear . We put up a lottttt of splitters. Stoked to teach with @desertdannyp @ashleyreva @mersendyclimberson @benrueck @sketchybernie & @spencermckaay I t...
The supplies send me videos or tag me in your roof crack training madness. I think this aspect of climbing is ridiculous and want to see others being silly too. Cheers!*also those are sun sleeves, I use thicker sleeves (cold weather cycling sleeves) for outdoor rock climbing.
The tiny front shin muscles used in roof cracks and inverts are the worst. Those bad boys hurt and the only thing Ive found to get them fit is roof crack training. Push through your weak shin babies and stop if you feel like youre getting injured. Dont push through sharp pain, only push through d...
Just my opinion on texture in wooden crack trainers. Its a fine balance of your training environment aka humidity and heat, not putting holes in your hands, while also not relying too much on friction instead of actively jamming. I really like the @wideboyz soft grip tape. It cushions the hands, ...
No specs or blueprints for all of you that have asked. Sorry! I winged a lot of this project last year.-used 5 boards 11inch deep for 4 cracks(hands, thin hands, fists, and a #6 sized cam offwidth -4 thick short boards for legs -8 bolts, washers, and the like-3-4 feet of pvc pipeImportant to note...
For all you scallywags that want a run down on how to build your own crack trainer heres my advice in parts because instagram is being weird with me putting all it together in one video.Some takeaways from this video:- get help from friends if you can with tools and building advice-materials i.e....
Part two for anyone stoked on building one of these suffer tools.Key takeaways from this video:-include your hand jam size-make it fit your space and your situation-make the best of what you have, even if its a small patio-if youre adding offwidth sizes make the crack trainer deeper than 11 inche...
The Red Dihedral , @mr.samuelforeman and I originally only hiked into the hulk to do the Polish Route but when I took one look at the hulk I felt like it was wrong to hike all the way out there and not summit. So, we rationed our food, did a warm up day on the red dihedral, and got in two routes ...
A great night to wrap up an amazing vacation
A collection of randomness from my Tensleep vacation with friends Silliness abounds! Laughs and weirdness are contagious Im sorry for my wheezing laughter in the background. When my friends make me laugh too hard the asthma comes out.