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Farm Transparency Project exposes the disturbing reality of animal agriculture
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Toronto Cow Save holds slaughterhouse vigils to end violence exploitation use of our fellow animals through bearing witness community organizing
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501c3 Farm Animal Sanctuary
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A global network of activist groups that
BearWitness in order to expose
dismantle animal exploitation industries
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Rotary unites more than a million great minds around a shared purpose Share your PeopleOfAction story and well repost our favorites
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The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all injustice
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Using nonviolent direct action the power of rescue to create a of species equality Working for the right to rescue all animals in distress
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Today, Quality Meat Packers at 2 Tecumseth has been torn down but the ghosts of millions of individual pigs remains. These incredible pigs in the photos that follow were taken at the downtown pig slaughterhouse between 2011 and 2013 when we held three @torontopigsave vigils each week. Each pig w...
BREAKINGAmsterdam becomes the first EU capital city to endorse the call for a Plant Based Treaty in response to the climate emergency In a statement, the City of Amsterdam said, By signing the @plantbasedtreaty , the municipality of Amsterdam supports the global call to cities, organizations, bu...
Join us to bear witness and help the hidden victims of our violent food system. 10,000 young pigs are forced into gas chambers at Fearman's slaughterhouse in Burlington, Ontario every day. The amount of suffering they endure is unfathomable. They desperately need you.See our Facebook Events page...
@veganoutreach No mother deserves this.This is the reality of factory farming.#animals #factoryfarming #veganoutreach #veganism #animalrights #animaladvocacy
Most people love a good animal rescue story, and recoil from an animal slaughter video. Doesn't this mean that deep down inside we don't want to cause their suffering?The good news is that you don't have to. By simply switching what you put on your plate with plant-based ingredients, you are no l...
10,000 lives are violently taken every day in Burlington, Ontario.Our silence perpetuates their suffering.Please join us in getting active to help #animalrights #pig #pork #bacon #burlington #ontario #dog #help #sos
Rats are affectionate, intelligent, and social beings with a unique capacity for emotions. From ultrasonic laughter to complex navigation skills, rats share traits with humans, emphasizing the importance of showing them the respect they deserve. SWIPE to explore the fascinating world of rats and...
Thank you to everyone who came out this morning to speak up for the pigs. We are here, for them.Join us in getting active for 10,000 young pigs who are gassed at Fearmans slaughterhouse in Burlington,Ontario every single day. Ten thousand. Ten. Thousand.#animals #animalrights #animalrightsactivis...
We are at a turning point in the history of our species: As we discover that other animals are more like us than we thought possible, a growing movement is exposing the secretive global industries that use animals in bizarre and disturbing ways.Humans and Other Animals takes viewers on an epic jo...
We deeply admire the work that Rotary Clubs of Canada do for those less fortunate and for the environment.This why we feel its important for them to start addressing the catastrophic impacts of animal agriculture and the benefits of transforming rib fest to a plant-based fundraiser. We are encour...
Our goal is to bear witness at every slaughterhouse around the world and end animal exploitation through love-based community organizing and strategic campaigns. Write to us at and we will help you #StartSaveGroup in your community. #vigil #dontlookaway #dontturnaway ...
@oddburgerfastfood TOMORROW IS THE DAY! We cant wait to see everyone TOMORROW at our OSHAWA GRAND OPENING from 11am - 3pm at 212 Ritson Road North Odd Burger TOTE BAGS for the first 30 customers $1 Soft Serve all day BOGO Famous Burgers 15% of sales will be donated to the @plantbasedtreaty Ri...