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Today I learned I have a perfectly trained #instagramhusband . Ive learned over the years I cant do all this by myself. As much as Id like to think I can do this by myself, its just not true. There just isnt enough time in the day to get it all done by myself. I am truly grateful for my no. 1 Ins...
Grilling season officially kicks off this weekend and my place isnt exactly ready for prime time but Im not letting that stop me. I love love grilling even in the winter. And not being able to do that for months has definitely been a struggle. But this weekend all I need to get it going is my wor...
This aint your Insta perfect picture but this is Home. And It feels so good to be home. I cant believe we started this process when I was pregnant with my daughter and she is now almost 5. We got a lot of work on not to mention a front door to fix. More on that later . And as you can see I have m...
I have waited so long for this day. So excuse me while I turn all the lights on in this house. Its safe to say building this house has been an absolute roller coaster ride. But Im happy to see the literal light at the end of the tunnel. #lightson @deshaieselectrical #customhomes #modernfarmhouse
Who knew electrical tape had so many uses?! This had me scratching my head as drove home today. #whatsgoingonhere #thataintright
Transforming a space can be as easy as adding a sleek new faucet! I surprised my aunt and uncle with a complete bathroom refresh, starting with the installation of the innovative Glacier Bay Dorind 4 in. Centerset Double-Handle Pull Down Faucet. Heres what you do:1. Gather your materials and too...
Who knew a simple faucet could offer so much versatility? With the Glacier Bay Dorind 4 in. Centerset Double-Handle Pull Down Faucet, you can effortlessly switch between cleaning, rinsing, and filling with ease. Not only is it perfect for everyday tasks like washing your hands, but it also makes ...
Get ready with me as I spruce up my patio door for the most wonderful time of the year! This year, I decided to switch things up and experiment with nontraditional holiday colors like pink and boy, am I loving the results!First up, I swapped out my old flood light for the latest Ring floodlight c...
Craft with Me! Its that time of the year again, and Im getting ready for the Holidays with an exciting DIY project- a Giant Christmas Ornament made out of a beach ball! With the help of The Home Depot, I got all the necessary materials, such as PVC caps, spray paint and glue, and got down to maki...
Hey everyone! Are you ready to get into the holiday spirit and give your home a festive touch? Join me as I take you through my process of creating a unique and nontraditional holiday look with pink accents!First up, I updated my flood light with a Ring floodlight camera and changed out my deadbo...
Patio Makeover: Before and After Feeling nostalgic while scrolling through old footage of my house, I stumbled upon this patio makeover transformation that was stuck in drafts. It brought a smile to my face. Despite not being able to enjoy it as much this past summer, the sense of accomplishme...
I am seriously overdue for an update. Its coming. Just let me get my Sh@# together #letsbuildahouse #customhomebuilding #realinstagram