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The process has begun. PRIZEFIGHTER docuseries Directed by @deadline #prizefighter
Another Sundance in the books. What a weekend. Congrats to all the filmmakers with films in the festival! You all inspire me! @staym88 @staymacro UTA #tooshort #freakytales #sundance2024
A quick 2023 photo dump of all beautiful people Ive had the pleasure of meeting, and of course those that have been my rock from day 1. Heres to 2024! Lets keep it going.
So much love and respect for all that made this possible. @netflixgolden @whatwouldkritdo @peakpasifika thank you all for the post! all love!
Loving that everyone has been having such a great experience with this story! #musclesandmayhem #americangladiators #tonyvainuku
Some BTS of last nights party. #musclesandmayhem glad everyone is enjoying the series!
I am beyond amazed! Thank you all, Im too excited to text rn. #musclesandmayhem
Today is the day!!! Netflix baby! #musclesandmayhem #tonyvainukuEp 1: shit showEp 2: turn upEp 3: chaosEp 4: party time! Ep 5: all up in my feels.
Lets party! #musclesandmayhem
Jared refers to the set as partying. Too funny. What a blast we had! #musclesandmayhem #netflix #tonyvainuku
So we used actors for some voiceovers for many reasons. For this one, in the Pilot. I made Hess to do this one! It saved time and was free! he was like fine, Ill do it! First lesson to filmmaking, utilize your friends talents. #musclesandmayhem #tonyvainuku look out for this in Pilot.
My first project with the legend JARED HESS! Who has supported me behind the scenes my whole career! My brother! The story is like nothing Ive directed before, a DRAMEDY, animated recreations: 5 EPISODES! We focused on the core characters first hand accounts! Its the RISE and FALL of the show an...