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r.i.p. Mr. Connery, I'll be the 1st american to be bond one day
need to work on my posing and face making
found a mirror in my house
Rebounding fast CHICOS! We ain't on the Razor's edge no longer
Crohn's Update: DISCHARGED! Bout 3 days of pure liquid diet + 20 hours of no water + colonoscopy complete. Got a few colon ulcers going nuts but bleeding has stopped and I'm only down 10lbs from 160ish to 150ish (73kg-68kg).Staff at Atrium University Hospital in Charlotte were all amazing, gave m...
4 more weeks til another shirtless pic
my face this morning when I realized my testicles are black and blue, I believe I strained my balls rather than my groin. they don't hurt but this is weird, pray for my man eggs
never thought I'd do this trick again and I'm fking old, it's really really hard but we got that mullet energy. double butterfly twist - it's from chinese wushu :)sad note: I strained my groin on last attempt trying to put ALL THE POWER in it, just minor so we be ok
full on
got meself a sickening forearm pump today
I am powerlift?
Been vegan for a week with @clarencekennedy_ & @coach_zt - diet templates and programs coming soon