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#goodsundayvibes my tutti fruttis, my macarrones and delicious tortellinis #youaregorgeous
Good morning my delicious snacks! I slept like the deadand feel like a snack myself hahahaha hope you slept good or if youre gonna sleep may your sleep be soft and dreamy #muahmuah thank you for stopping by yay! #saturdaymorningvibes #nofilterneeded #nomakeupselfie #mayyourdaybefilledwithlove #...
My lovely snacks and butterflies hope Saturday is treating you goodIm getting ready to take my coconut matcha or an espresso in the sun hahaha #goodsaturdayvibes my lovelies! #notmypicsobviously but #ilovethem
#mybody is made of #crushedlittlestars #saturdaygoodvibes love you my stars!
Yes we are my bonbons yes we are!!! hope Saturday is going awesome and yes I feel alive MUAHAHAHAHA! #smile
Its cold and miserable but I think I like it out here anyway my Saturday fun is better than yours hahaha and I think I hurt my neck muscle #saturdayvibes #saturdayintheforest #saturdayvibing
For my ladies out there that will calm them down hahahahahaha OMGODDESS hahahahHAHAHAHA alright gotta keep me ready cause this Saturday is not over yet I have to fly away to the inner city maybe for fun maybe for the synergy hahaha P.S please if you are a man and cant see the humor in this well ...
Yeah I have to chill and let them hate out and about #loveyouall and #loveyourself
Friday is here and I am here and YOU ARE HERE! What a delightful way to have you here my honey melons and sirens lets get this weekend started and be curios and smile at the chaos #notmypostsbutilovethem #larissaartist #goodfridayvibes
I have been changing my mind haha to the better hahahaha love you my awesome watermelons and witches! #nomakeupselfie #nofiltersneeded #fridayvibes
Yes stop shrinking, expand Tuesday thoughts for you all made with lve#tuesdaymood #goodtuesdayvibes #notmywordsbutilovethem
Or matcha I dont have the energy to buy one! I need coffee and good Tuesday my loves! Have a great day! Thank you for being here with little insignificant me #tuesdayvibes #coffeevibes #tiredbutinspired