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The Longleaf Pine forest in North Carolina is home to the Venus Flytrap!While flytraps are cultivated throughout the world, they are native to only a small area of the coastal plain in North and South Carolina. This carnivorous plant loves the Longleaf Pine forests because it is also a fire-depen...
On June 14, 2023, a controlled burn escaped containment into the Green Swamp Preserve and burned 15,642 acres! This fire was named the Pulp Road Fire. Towers of smoke surrounded nearby communities, and even though the situation seemed alarming, it was a big benefit for the forest. Here we are one...
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Lets learn about longleaf pine in Virginia! Our Piney Grove Preserve in Southeastern Virginia is part of a historic longleaf pine system that stretches all the way to Texas. Today, TNC Virginias Pinelands Restoration Specialist, Andi Clinton, comes to you from Piney Grove where we are celebratin...
Sun is out! and the kids want to be too. These three activities will help you plan some amazing outdoor adventures for the children in your life (and your inner child ), right from your backyard, front porch or neighborhood park.1. Sprinkles on Top : On a hot summer day, we all need to cool offpl...
Road trips along the Blue Ridge Parkway, camping, kayaking, and exploring nature are some ideas on how to connect children with nature and build incredible memories.City life, busy schedules, and technology can drag us away from nature and the many benefits of being outdoors. Relieving stress, in...
Longleaf pine brings 9 states together . From Texas to Virginia, we are working together to restore this incredible and biodiverse habitat, which once covered 90 million acres of land. Today, there are just 5.2 million acres, up from a historical low of 3.2 million acres two decades ago.The South...
This #WorldEnvironmentalDay lets recognize being bold, taking chances and following your passion . It only takes one person, one idea or a bold action to make a change.Run Hill, located at the Outer Banks seemed like a lost cause. There were many parties involved and they all had different plans ...
We are halfway into the year and our burns crews have been busy restoring lands across NC with controlled fire . They are constantly collaborating and working with partner agencies and organizations to ensure the biggest benefit to our forests and communities. We will continue to burn in our lon...
TNC Legacy Club members enjoyed such a fun guided walk at the Green Swamp in May! One of our supporters, Alec Motten, has always loved nature, especially carnivorous plants. During his long teaching career at Duke University, Alec regularly brought students from his organismal diversity course on...
#EndangeredSpeciesDayRed-cockaded woodpeckers (RCW) take 10 years to excavate a cavity in a living longleaf pine. They start excavating, and sap constantly comes out of the longleaf pine. They patiently wait for it to dry to keep making their home. As good environmentalists, these birds don't was...
Following our 50 year celebration for our preserves, here is the first thing you need to know about Nags Head Woods. It has 8 different trails, and they all have different natural areas. You can go from the beach to the swamp or a marsh and end up deep in the forest. Nags Head Wood's diversity of...