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The Nature Ring, with a trillion Tanzanite and a pear-shaped blue Spinel. A cosmic dance of starlight and earths verdant spell. Intricate designs, like tree branches embrace, whispering natures grace in every delicate trace. Also comes with a center moonstone, and morganite #tippytaste#JewelryOf...
NEW! Van Gogh Limited Series Introducing the Bicolor Sapphire Twilight Diamond Ring. Inspired by the serene beauty of Starry Night, this ring features a mesmerizing bi-color sapphire at its center, echoing the swirling hues of the night sky. Available in 14K and 18K gold on TippyTaste.com #tipp...
NEW! Van Gogh Limited Series Introducing the one of a kind, Bicolor Sapphire Dreamscape Diamond Ring. Adorned with a mystical bicolor sapphire with ocean blue and yellow/orange hues. Crafted to capture the essence of a mesmerizing dreamscape. Only one available on TippyTaste.com #tippytaste #Van...
.:.NEW.:. Introducing the Midnight Mirage Alexandrite Ring inspired by Van Goghs painting Featuring a natural alexandrite encrusted with natural pear, marquise and round diamonds. This Alexandrite has a mesmerizing color change from blueish-green to purple under candle light. Only one available...
.:.NEW.:. Introducing the one of a kind, Majestic Pink Sapphire Diamond Ring! Adorned in whispers of elegance, this majestic ring features a mesmerizing 7.5ct natural pink sapphire, a symphony of grace and sophistication. Only one available on TippyTaste.com #tippytaste #PinkSapphireDreams
Immerse in the essence of Aphrodite with every flicker of this morganite ring, a timeless reflection of loves enduring grace. Shown here is the Aphrodite Morganite Diamond Ring (top), and the Divine Ring (bottom). #MorganiteMagic #AphroditeInspired #LoveInEveryStone #tippytaste
NEW welcoming summer with our Serenade Rose Sapphire Diamond Ring! A stunning bi-color purple-pinkish sapphire nestled inside a blossoming rose, and adorned with natural white diamonds. Available in 14K and 18K gold on TippyTaste.com #tippytaste #flowerring #sapphirering
Adorn yourself in the whispers of midnight and the regal hues of twilight with our gothic-inspired black onyx Heart Ring, Garnet Queen Victoria Ring and royal purple Starlight sapphire ring. #tippytaste #GothicGlamour #RoyalElegance
NEW! Behold the celestial dance of gemstones, where Paraiba tourmalines azure whispers mingle with sapphires royal hues, and diamonds luminance ignites the night. Introducing our Paraiba Tourmaline Illuminati Ring, a symphony of rare beauty and timeless grace. Only one available in your choice ...
Grateful for all who joined in on our recent Q&A on our stories the other day! Addressing some of your feedback: 1) Exciting news - select designs are now available in 10K gold under our Vermeil/10K collection. 2) Personalize any Tippy Taste piece with your preferred gemstone! Just shoot us a D...
Mothers Day just got sweeter! Enjoy 15% off sitewide to celebrate Mom! No code needed. Dont miss out on the perfect gift! #tippytaste #MothersDay #MomLove #GiftsForMom #SaleAlert #ShopNow #Discount #LimitedTimeOffer
Where the ocean meets the sky, in a dance of aquamarine and blue topaz hues. Adorn your finger with the whispers of waves and the whispers of dreams. #tippytaste #OceanDreams #GemstoneJewelry #BlueHues #ElegancePersonified