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handsculpted borosilicate glass art

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Yall got the game fucked up. Maybe a reminder? #heady #og
Fun fact.. If you zoom into a 5 dollar bill you can see the gardner trimming the bushes. #ezell
Im gonna hurt some feelings here but maybe yall shoulda supported the OG head shops more since they paved the way? The tobacco stores own the cheap market now and most glassblowers went direct on IG for a few extra bucks.. that lasted how long? Just sayin.. I never seen a greedier group chase awa...
Can you even see this lol? IG is weird now a days and I cant decide if Im shadow banned or whatever? Either way letting some gems go. DM me if you wanna get down and work! #headventure
Much love to new collectors. But I wanna know who can see this post thats been collecting since 1999? Whos a OG? When did you buy your first head piece? @higherlearningheady @headventureglass #og
*SOLD* Rare opportunity at some heady history. Letting go of a relic. This lapis blue Scott Deppe bubbler is absolutely stunning. The vortex marble looks like it stretches about 24 deep. Thanks for looking. #scottdeppe #heady #legendary
But do you? Or just smash 23. #wakeup
Chicagoland its that time of year. Winter is prolly about to be here. MY ENTIRE GLASS COLLECTION is for sale. That doesnt mean its free. Im just willing to hear offers on everything Im holding. Much love gang. #headventure #headyglass #og #fromthebeginning #420 #710
careful when you yawn round here in the AM. #goteem #why
2012. @banjoglass brings @ramickelsen over to work on a glass pipe. This is the result. Angels & Demons representing the glass art and the pipe art worlds colliding. Devolution. We were all warned. #banjoglass #ramglass #glassart #sculpture #angel #demon #boro
5 figures in 2003. Scott Deppe & Ivan Barrow create The Eye of the Flame. Took 7 months to complete roughly. When I asked how many hours Scott looked me right in my eyes and said I saw the sun come up most nights. This piece was showcased by me and Ivan at the FIRST glass pipe art show EVER. The ...
So many layers. So many images. @absolutekrunk The Custodian 1/1 Associate 10mm glass on glass 11 beauty with the best hips in the game. Lol. This the Kim K. #absolutekrunk #headyglass #higherlearning #headyup