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Pretty heart Pretty mind Pretty Vibess #selflove #fitness #gym #growthmindset #positivevibes #girlssupportgirls #girlssupportinggirls #health
My vibe right now is just living life @inspirednutra | KELSEY@sevenhaircare | KELSEY10@kulanikinis #beach #newport #gym #fitness #weekendvibes #ooo #beachvibes #oc
Corporate baddie What I look 7.5% of the time @sevenhaircare | KELSEY10@abercrombie jeans + bodysuit @restoremedclinic #fitness #gym #weightloss #health #girlswholift #girlswholikegirls
Internal glow up >@sevenhaircare | KELSEY10#selflove #healingjourney #health #fitness #selfimprovement #selfdevelopment #gym #motivationalquotes
Little #MotivationMonday with a side of tea and a lesson on kindness might delete 2nd slidegirls supporting girls am I right First of all, people who feel the need to speak to others like this are projecting their own pain. Second of all her sharing shes a fellow cancer survivor? To my followe...
Houston, TX - Work Trip to the Mushy Farm I knew this trip was going to be one for the books but the blue convertible mustang was the cherry on top. Driving around Texas top down was soooo much fun and then rolling up the the farm . I wish I had more time to explore College Station.This trip has...
How is life?
Well 3 months later I finally hit -20lbs and Im THRILLED with that progress. I was traveling for work basically more than I was home and I kept telling myself things will slow down or you can get back into your usual routine and then it hit me UMMM KELSEY this IS your new routine. Theres nothing...
On my Birthday Behavior Thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate & for all the Birthday wishes. I feel blessed & I am so thankful #birthday #weekendvibes #birthdaygirl #oc #birthdaywishes #beach
Summer state of mind @thetannery #oc #newport #weekendvibes #summer #summervibes #fitness
Happy 4th Birthday to @maverickthepom_ AKA Puffer Had a nice day enjoying some treats and the beach SWIPE to see Puff as a little baby when I first met him he was only 1.75lbs Anyone who has met Puff knows he has SO much personality for such a little dude. I am so thankful to have this crazy m...
With a baddie friend @christinacharas decided to match me from head to toe for a Birthday workout and honestly as cheesy as it looks it was such a serotonin boost. Had a great workout and fun while doing it ILY GIRL you are so freaking strong I always think Im lifting heavy and then I workout...