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This is my ONLY account
I will never ask you to send crypto lol
Blood makes you related loyalty makes you family
Trading stocks live everyday
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This could possibly be my worst investment yet.I placed the order for a Cyber Truck in November 2019.Fast forward to yesterday - four years later - the truck has finally arrived.If instead I wouldve invested in Tesla stock I wouldve made a lot of money.Lets break it down:Lets pretend I put $80,00...
Blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family. Def a highlight of last year, one of my only posts last year was @ttfrealestate so why not start off the year with another it was an honor to meet some of the people who have been with me for years but even more so those who took the game plan a...
Proclamation 4071- National Clown WeekPresident Nixon proclaimed August 1st through 7th national clown week. There are over 100k clowns around the world right now (not figuratively but as a job). We just missed national clown week but I love history an uncle not uncle has a new song coming out to...
It was a special day today. @cultrealestate got to be apart of the NASDAQ closing bell ceremony. Its humbling to see what these guys have been able to accomplish in such a short time. They have closed over a quarter BILLION in real estate transactions an just warming up. There is a lot of things ...
Didnt think it would be that crazy lol but no watchlist this week but will still be streaming live! See you in the morning!
Today was cool. Powell will be crazier tomorrow. $Free.99. See you there 2PM EST.
Did it all without a Drake featureor a FTX sponsorship.Just some updates. Sold the lambo with the coins but Ima still flex with old pics for this post Latest long term adds since the JPM and cash build on the last post:-closed SNAP cover calls- O @ 56.06- META @ 93.02- RDFN @ 3.47Sister account s...
Which one would you take? Bought JPM for long term today on all accounts. Ex divi pretty much this week. #stocks
Round 2? Also my latest long term pickup was May 9 an I split the deposit between ABNB & UBER. Down on it since then but you know the vibes. Im looking at JPM again but I will prolly stack 2 months of deposit before moving. LOVE YOU.
Highest card got the house $300k below market value watchlist still at 5pm
I just added NFLX to all the long term accounts so I thought this video of my house almost burning down was appropriate. +11 shares on big account @236+1 share YT account @ 218.75+1 Sister account @ 218.75Theres a lot I can say about this position an I still think there is some downside, but 2018...
I didnt have a pretty picture so lets play a game. Long term is also posted if you keep swiping. I will post a video on this over the weekend but this was the house I just flipped. Guess the selling price. Purchased for $3.4, listed 16 days laters, pending in 12 days and closed 7 days later. Comm...