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Trying out some different woods to cut my own bow ties on the CNC. I used Tiger Wood, Osange Orange, Maple, Ash and Walnut for this batch. Ive already used some of them in my pieces and they look pretty slick. I have a few packs available in my shop, link in bio. ....#thestumpshop #bowties #di...
Flattened this piece in my last video now Im debarking using some brand new chisels. This cookie is now ready for some bow tie inlays. #thestumpshop #wooddecor #bowtie @irwintoolsca
Amongst the million uses for a CNC this is one of my favourite ways to use the machine. Flattening slabs or cookies would have taken much longer before. I would have to set up a router sled everytime. This way after using shims and getting one flat side, I flip over and flatten both sides and ...
Didnt turn out as clear as I was hoping but still loving this coffee bean side table. Let me know in the comments what you think! Also wondering what I should use next? I was thinking a nuts and bolts table would look awesome ....#thestumpshop #coffeetable #diy #homedecor #wooddecor #epoxyart
Added the final coat of poly to my Stump Shelf . Its crucial to scuff up the finish between coats and to thoroughly clean. I use a vacuum and tack cloth. #thestumpshop
I needed to get rid of a few layers of failed finish testing. Using my CNC to flatten is so much faster than sanding wouldve been. Now I just need to add some legs to this coffee table and itll make a nice side table to put your.wait for itcoffee on . #thestumpshop #coffeetable #homedecor
Been working with stumps for 10 years now so I need to try making unique and interesting pieces This is the Stash Stump and its coming along sweet. Carved out a hidden bowl in the middle of this piece . Used almost every tool I own #thestumpshop #workshop #wooddecor
Crafted this classic tic-tac-toe board out of some scrap wood using my @onefinitycnc . I combined the warmth of beech wood and the richness of walnut. A wooden battle of Xs and Os awaits! Think you can beat me? ...#thestumpshop #cnc #tictactoe #wooddecor #classic
Check it out!!! Thoughts? The stash stump is coming along sweet Thats all you get to see for now. Come back for the final piece soon! #thestumpshop
Summers been tough as a content creator & woodworker. Not much time, no motivation and my creativity has left the chat . I needed a little freshen up so I finally sanded away the poop coloured workbench and went back to a natural look. This should spark something in me . What do you think of na...
Is Tool Tuesday still a thing? I doubt it. Anyways, check out the flap discs I use from @gatorfinishing . Attach it to an angle grinder and these things make quick work of debarking, sanding and even shaping wood. Im using it in my latest project trying to hollow out the top of this stump . Ha...
Brand everything I use an electric branding iron to leave my mark on almost everything I make. #thestumpshop #branding