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Even its supporters know Brexit is damaging the UK economy. The UK Government admits its new import checks will cause food prices to rise even further and cost businesses hundreds of millions. Brexit is a disaster, made in Westminster.
Scotlands creative and cultural sectors are world-renowned - and have a massive positive impact on our economy and society. The Scottish Government has set out how independence can strengthen and grow our creative industries. Read more about The Scottish Governments vision for culture in an inde...
Labour is supporting the Tories economically illiterate policy of lifting the cap on bankers bonuses. At the same time, Labour is refusing to lift the morally repugnant two-child cap. Story of Labour in 2024: Happy to cap child benefit but wont cap bankers bonuses.
A bankers bonus cap shields the economy from instability, seen in the 2008 crash. Labour is backing cuts to public services and at the same time want to provide handouts to the wealthiest few. Once again, Labour are choosing Tory policies over helping working people.
Labour are once again u-turning on pledges and adopting Tory policies. Keir Starmers Labour are abandoning their promise to invest 28 billion green commitments. Under the SNP, Scotland has become a green energy powerhouse, creating jobs and boosting our economy.
The Tories are demanding that Scottish students once again have back-door tuition fees imposed on them. Under the SNP, there will never be tuition fees. We will always protect the right to a free education based on the ability to learn, not the ability to pay.
Scotlands green renewables sector has produced more than 100% of Scotlands electricity demand for first time! Scotland has the energy and the talent to thrive in a more sustainable future, we just need the powers.
Westminsters Brexit is robbing Scotland of the benefits of the EU. Now a new benefit of EU membership is safeguarding medical supplies for its 27 members. Brexit Britain is isolating us from Europes access to key medicines.
Westminster is rolling back on investing into Scotlands economic future. Building a green economy is a win-win for the climate and Scotlands economy. Scotland has the energy, people, and talent to thrive in the renewable energy sector.
Wherever you are, in Scotland or around the world, have a great #BurnsNight and give a toast to the immortal Rabbie Burns from us. Slinte Mhath!
The public sector pilot of a 4-day working week has been launched by @scotgov, assessing the wellbeing, environmental, and productivity benefits to organisations and peoples lives. Were determined to build a successful Wellbeing Economy that delivers for working people.
@stephenflynnsnp: I dont think its unreasonable to expect the PM of the UK to tell the people that shooting an unarmed man walking under a white flag is a war crime.An urgent ceasefire is needed in Gaza to save lives. Not inaction and false words from the UK Government.