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It is a beautiful Maui beach day! The South Shore has the calmest water, Kaanapali is improving while the Northwest remains very hazardous due to larger waves.Northwest: 1.0Hope for calm waters soon, maybe by tomorrow, as the waves are slowly starting to get smaller. However, today is too dangero...
Aloha Maui has more swimmable beaches than any other Hawaiian Island. But yougotta know where to go.* Learnwhereto snorkelandwhichspots to avoideach day.* Get to theright beachand never miss yourturtle moment.Dont end up at thewrongbeach * Getdetailedocean conditionsin your emails inbox.* Gain ac...
Kapalua Beach in Maui, a former Americas Best Beach winner in the NorthwestIt offers stunning scenic views, palm-lined shores, and soft sand. Kapalua Bay is ideal for relaxing, swimming, and snorkeling
Weve got just the right beach chairs for your sun-soaked days in Maui! Choose from our awesome Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs, which are perfect for lounging close to the sand, or opt for our taller chairs. These stand 15 inches high at the seat, making them a breeze to get in and out of.And heres the...
If you arent snorkeling on Maui, you are missing half of the experience of visiting
Monday on Maui brings mostly sunny skies this morning, with the potential for increasing clouds in the afternoon. Waves are impacting all three Zones.Northwest: 2.0Dangerous ocean conditions persist with powerful waves, currents, and undertow, particularly from Flemings north to Honolua. The smal...
Beautiful moment with humuhumu eleele
Get ready to experience Maui like never before with our deluxe snorkeling set! Dive into comfort with our easy, dry-mouth snorkel, featuring cutting-edge dry-mouth technology to keep water at bay and a self-purging, adjustable silicone mouthpiece. Embrace the underwater world with our soft silico...
We could all use a few moments to watch something beautiful and share it with someone special Happy Aloha Friday #turtleready #maui #hawaii #snorkeling #mauihawaii
Sunscreen Turtle Ready Map Dry Bag Maui Memories
Magical moment happen when you are snorkeling on Maui
Makena Landing offers snorkeling experiences. With convenient parking and facilities, it's a haven for both beginners and advanced snorkelers. Green Sea Turtles can be found foraging along the shoreline and basking on the nearby lava rocks. The picturesque landscape, marked by the cinder cone Puu...