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This has truly been a wild filming season for @sharkweek ! Cant wait for you to see what we got up to. Heres a quick shot of me alongside Northern Elephant seals. We had the opportunity to work with the @blubberhunter who was our guide on this expedition. It was truly a remarkable experience! ...
Want to know what Im pointing at? Oh my lordI wish I could tell you. But what I can say is Ive never seen anything like it. You will just have to wait until @sharkweek to find out. @sharktagger went above and beyond and delivered the goods and honored for what I got to see and experience! Al...
Amazingly, sometimes all you need to do is make eye contact with a #whiteshark and it will abruptly turn away. This predator relies on stealth and the second you lock eyes, its cover is blown #sharks #sharkweek #guadalupe #sharkdiving #scuba #cressi #canon #nauticam
A #whiteshark at night. #sharks #discovery #sharkweek #canon #cressi #sharkdiving #savesharks
As time continues, Im finding it harder and harder to see these incredible creatures in places that they were once so commonly sighted. If I said it doesnt worry me, Id be completely lying to you. I just hope we wake up before it is too late. #sharks #greatwhiteshark #whiteshark #guadalupe #mex...
Thanks for the amazing photo @brett.lobwein ! Heres a quick sneak peak from my expedition #downunder with @rodneyfoxsharkexpeditions ! I was lucky enough to swim with #australian #sealions (an endangered species). These marine mammals offer a level of underwater interaction like Ive never experi...
As I head home from a trip of a lifetime, I realize how incredibly lucky I am! I decided to take a huge risk and pursue a dream Ive had for a very long time! I worked my tail off, but what I accomplished is pretty darn cool and I cant wait to share it with you in June/July! But to be honest, I...
Youre never too old to dream. See you soon Australia! Thanks @markrackleyproductions for the photo!
I got as low as I possibly could in the cage, zoomed out as far as I could go, and boosted up my shutter speed. As soon as that shark passed overhead, everything aligned perfectly. The time of day was perfect, the way the sun kept peaking through the clouds was perfect and these incredibly sun ...
Back in the day using an underwater ultrasound thatdidnt work at all. #sharks #shark #tigerbeach #thesharkdoctor #scuba #cressi Thank you @tyschiff for the awesome photo and thank you @cressi1946 for the gear!
With just three sweeps of the tail, a #greatwhite can transition from cruising speed to roughly 30-35mph. The power behind this super predator must never be underestimated. #whiteshark #canon #sharks #shark #sharkdiving #padi #scuba #scubadiving #diving
The underwater life I saw in the waters off #morotai was composed of every single color you could imagine. When you mix in over 20 blacktip #reefsharks - this place transforms into an underwater paradise that you never want to leave! Thanks @dhivadive @gorango.morotai for an incredible expediti...