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I love the way technology is evolving, and I wanted to be a part of that change.After leaving school, Phoebe, 21, chose to fast-track her IT career by starting a digital apprenticeship while working at the technology company RDT.Phoebes journey began with an interest in video gaming. Having compl...
What's on your to-do list this weekend? If you're wondering how best to fit studies around your busy life, we've made a really useful planning tool! It's also packed with some great advice from other students! Head to the link in our bio to take a look. Alt text: To do: Plan (tick) plan (tick) p...
Send this to someone who needs some motivation... [Image descriptions: Slide 1 - send, slide 2 - this, slide 3 - to, slide 4 - someone, slide 5 - who, slide 6 - needs, slide 7 - some, slide 8 - motivation, slide 9 - a close up photo of a dog with their mouth open. The dog has a cartoon mortar boa...
After a sudden bereavement, Martyn struggled with his grades. But, with help from his support team and tutor, he managed to keep going and complete his degree, BA (Honours) in Arts and Humanities.I found that studying took me away from it all and gave me something to focus on. Having recently cel...
Studying independently and via distance learning means you learn so many new skills, and often more about yourself than you ever thought you would!.If you've studied with us before, tell us something you've learnt about yourself..[Image description: What to expect when starting your OU degree: Yo...
We know you already know, but just in case you need a reminder! ...[Image description: an alert box with the wording 'reminder - It's okay to take a break!' and the options 'Okay!' and 'I'm on it!']...#openuniversity #openuni #theopenuniversity #highereducation #distancelearning #lifelonglearning...
After struggling with the learning style at school, Aoife decided to study a BA in Health and Social Care with the OU. She immediaitely knew she had made the right decision and her confidence grew. As a new graduate, Aoife is making a difference by encouraging others to find a fulfulling career....
Here is some #MondayMotivation for you 6 years of studying for my degree through The Open University and today my last assignment was submitted beyond proud of myself, working 40+ hour weeks and studying at the same time has been such a challenge! Now to figure out where to put all the books Ive...
.[Image description: A frosty and sunny morning on the campus in Milton Keynes. Trees are in the photo's foreground, and the Wilson building is in the background. The sun is starting to rise from behind the trees.]..#theopenuniversity #openuniversity #openuni #highereducation #distancelearning #l...
Who else is having a little look through their new module website and getting ready for studies to begin? If you're new to OU study this Feb, tell us below what you'll be studying and what's going to keep you motivated! p.s. yes, the number of tabs open is making us all slightly nervous [Image de...
In 1972, the first email was sent. Soon, the Internet arrived a free global space to share information, ideas and amusing pictures of cats. Before then, English changed through people speaking it but the net brought typing back into fashion and hundreds of cases of repetitive strain syndrome. I...
During episode 8, you can learn about American English and how some American words were actually English to start with.#openlearn #openuniversity #openuni #studygram #didyouknow #historyofenglish #history #englishhistory #britishhistory #languageevolution #educationalcontent #languagehistory