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Over 3 Billion views on YouTube! Ninja Kidz take MMPR, Justice League, and other awesome comic book and ninja movies to a whole new level!
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Only 2 weeks left, heres some of our favorites that we have left! Follow the link to the shirts! #sale #ohana #toa #theohanaadventure #summertime #teeshirt #merch
Our beautiful EVEE is 14! I know this reel is latebut I couldnt Not share our love for this beautiful girl and how much she has grown up.
3-2-1 GO! WHO has the best dance moves? Dont miss our @toagear BLOWOUT SALE! Everything under $10! #blowoutsale #sale #toagear #ohanagear #ohanameansfamily #largefamily #funnydancer #newtrend #viral
This may be the hardest part of being a parentwhen your family falls apartin the best way possible. We are so thrilled that @klailea is moving into bigger and better thingsbut so SAD that this will be our last time together as a FAMILY OF 8! It will be 5 years before we are BACK together againand...
Which face is the wrist for family photos? Family photos officially ruined! Hahahahahah Dont miss our last DAY together video on YouTube! #familyphotos #ruinedfampics #ohanameansfamily #toa #ohanaadventure #largefamily
Our last family PIC before we SPLIT UP! (For 5 years) Its been a very sad couple weeks as these are our last days together. New video today of our last day together. So much crying. #lovemyfamily
1-2-3-4-5 Run FAST to our HUGE BLOWOUT SALE of @toagear. Check the website to get your favorite HOODIE for $10 and shirt for $5! #hugesale #toa #familyfun #largefamily #ohanameansfamily #ohanagear @rachbennett @wyattrbennett @eveembennett @shaebbennett @coranoelani
Its HAPPENING our BIGGEST SALE we have ever done! All the TOA GEAR is on sale, everything under $10! Things are selling out fast! And once its gone its gone FORVER! #hugesale #toagear #ohanameansfamily #evee #cora #wyatt #shae #ohanaadventure #swagsale
What else do you think YOUTUBERs do? These kids have so much fun creating fun videosdo you FOLLOW all the YouTube channels we have? Do you know how many YT channels we have? #largefamily #ytfamily #ofcourse #toa #ohana
Sneaky sneaky kids! #earpierced
When you spend many days together the friendships become closer and the pictures get WEIRDER! Yep these crazy kids were subject to a million pics and they get better with each swipe! Which pic is your favorite? #3 of #5 is my personal favorite! But in all seriousness, I think this might have been...
Did you pause to see some of the madness in the photos and videos of our epic adventure with @theninjafam @ninjakidztv in Amsterdam!? We have so much fun being able to pause and travel to incredibly historic places on this side of the globe! We have much more fun when we can learn and adventure w...