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PARKOUR FILM FESTIVAL RESULTSThank you so much to everyone who took part! So sorry for how long the judging took and for Motus dying halfway through!We will be in contact with all the winners!#themotusprojects
One final release. 80 unique unreleased items going live on our Depop at 6PM on Tuesday (U.K. time). Available for 48 hours then never available again. Dont be late.#themotusprojects
Sole Destroyer & S.O.L are now available on our YouTube channel. Happy Christmas! #themotusprojects
Goodbye @themotusprojects RED | Rachel Gough - live now on The Motus Projects YouTube. RED was originally supposed to be the first part of a bigger project for Motus. However, due to injury and the circumstances Ive decided to release it as a final farewell from myself to The Motus Projects.I rea...
Our hearts are full! Im going to try my best to respond to all the emails, DMs and comments over the next few days! You guys are crazy and have sold out almost the entire store in 24 hours so theres not much left apart from the Farewell Collection but that will stay online and available until the...
Some words from @gilesmotus It's been no secret that Motus hasn't had an easy couple of years, and I've often thought this day would probably come.However, I never expected this day to feel positive, full of relief and excitement for the future. I cannot thank @storror enough for presenting an op...
Alongside our Black Friday sale are 4 new items including 2 new ones made in collaboration with @fallendesigncompany Available in limited quantities! #themotusprojects
Two new t-shirts from the mind of @troubledby1nsects which dropped alongside the masterpiece that is Hazel. All available from our site now! #themotusprojects
Two new shirts straight from the mind of @troubledby1nsects dropping Friday at 6 PM along with Hazel (one of the best parkour videos of the year). #themotusprojects
Thank you so much to everyone who has purchased from the latest drop with @fallendesigncompany! Orders are going out all this week! Sorry for any delays, little short staffed at the moment! #themotusprojects
Hazel shirts designed by @troubledby1nsects printed by @themotusprojects. Get yours on November 11th alongside the film .