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POV: Youre so hungry that you take a bite of your hot food without letting it cool down first.This made me laugh so hard! This is me everyday, I like my food hot and make this sound every time I eat Who else can relate?..Celine Dion video meme
The catch with flying budget airlines is, youre going to get a super cheap ticket BUTTTT if you forget to do anything and follow all the rules, the fees will add up !! Traveling on a budget is doable but can be exhausting because you have to be aware of anything so you that you can stay within yo...
Restart, Reset and Refocus.As many times as you need.You are your own greatest project.But just always remember, dont give up!#themomtrotterquotes #motivationalquotes Motivation | Quote
A loves these Turkish Ice Cream pranks. We were walking and he got lured into getting ice cream! Have you / your kids ever experienced this ice cream prank show before? How was it ?The first time we experienced this ice cream show was in Turkey. However, the good thing is, you dont have to be i...
Mommys Boy! Theres no love like a Mothers love for her child!The absolute strongest love Ive ever felt and have been blessed to feel .I am privileged to have been chosen to bring him into this world and to be his earthly guide, and I take that role very seriously.My job as his Mother is to guid...
POV: Kids when you take them to any store.All the freaking time unfailingly. If your kid doesnt do this then, Id be shocked Share this with someone if you can relate !!And make sure youre following @themomtrotter and @themomtrottergrouptrips
POV: You take a cooking class with your family every time you visit a new country so that you can immerse yourself in the local culture!Weve taken cooking classes all over the world. We make friends, learn about local culture and food from our instructor. Its also a great family boding activity! ...
We made it to Albania ! PrshndetjeIts our first time here & were excited to explore a new country. Photos are from our $17 - 2hr city walking tour with @discover.albania.al Official Country Name - Republic of AlbaniaOfficial Language - AlbanianCapital - TiranaFlag - Religion - 59% Islam, 17% Chri...
He used being a kid to his advantage and wiggled his way to the front of the line, scanned his boarding pass and showed his passport to board.When I finally caught up to him, did you hear him say Oh Hi Mom. Like he didnt know we were on the same flight and that we were traveling together !! Boyyy...
POV: You can only stay in Italy for 90 days on an American passport without a long stay visa, so you decide to visit Albania because it isnt part of the Schengen Area and doesnt count against your 90 days. Prshndetje Albania . My next post will have more details on Albania. Yall know I love to...
POV: Youre raising an only child because your dreams of having a big family have been crushed by secondary infertility.Funny enough, I never meant to have or raise an only child. I always wanted 6 kids and I was convinced that Id have 6 kids before I turned 30. I had A when I was 24, so one every...
#Ad #AllegraPartner One thing I never forget to pack when Im traveling is @AllegraOTC, because I never know how bad my allergies are going to be. Given its spring here in Tuscany, my allergies have been giving me a hard time. My favorite thing about Allegra is that it works within the hour and is...