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Apple tart faon Tatin You are going to love it, deliciously not to sweet not too bitter apple Tatin with a rich crust faon pate Sables, easy to prepare and fantastic on a table. With vanilla ice cream on the top . Ingredients: For the apple caramel 7 sweet apples, you can add a Granny Smith here ...
Dear 2023 thank you! Please dont come back No seriously it was a marathon year for me, beautiful and sad. Still thankful! Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2024 will bring you more Joy, prosperity, health, love and peace of mind. Love to u all and thank you all for being super nice to me
Chocolate fudge cake What can I say?! May 2024 be a happier year for everyone, filled with peace, joy and most importantly Love Mary Berrys chocolate fudge cake Ingredients: 50 g cocoa 6 tablespoons hot water 4 eggs 50 ml milk 175 g flour sifted 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teasp baking soda Pi...
Meet Rocco! He is turning 16 this year! Maybe his last Christmas, who knows but he still rocks especially in the kitchen
Cheeseboard with @pucklebanon Christmas cheese tree: 2 packs cream cheese Nature @pucklebanon Chives whole or shredded Method:Drain the cream cheese upside down on a kitchen towel for 15 minutes. Using a cling film, empty the cheese packs and shape your tree. Garnish with the herb of your choice ...
Cheeseboards are back Get ready! To create the little cheese tree, you need to use: 2 packs of cream cheese @pucklebanon Chives whole or shredded Be sure to strain well the cheese on a paper towel before shaping the tree using a cling film. Chill for 15 minutes before attaching the chives.
Nadine Chamaa, mother of three children, now all grown up, has lived in Lebanon for the last 15 years, after spending time in France and Romania. She wears multiple hats in her professional life as a culinary stylist, certified color consultant, food blogger (, and digital con...
Sour Lentil Soup or Adass bil Hamoud. Love it! Especially when it rains So here is how I like my soupDense, rich, concentrated, all the ingredients melts in the mouth, the lentil broth semi opaque, not clear at all, tiny brown lentils, medium chunks of swiss chards, a generous amount of onion, ga...
Christmas giveaway Hi!! I teamed up with @maisonpinkme to bring you a festive basket filled with Christmas ornaments in order to make your holiday merrier and brighter! Hopefully! What is in the basket: - [ ] A Christmas chopping board - [ ] Grey birds clips - [ ] Glass candle holder, amber - [ ...
Preparing my favorite Adass bi Hamoud soup because it is raining inside . I have a special way to prepare this lentil soup, the size of the lentils is crucial as well as the consistency and much more. #lentilsoup #truthseeker
Hii! I know you missed hearing from me! I am always active in my stories, working at 20% but I know I have to come back fully, do what I love to do. For example : Spread Joy! But nowadays how to do so! This is the year of the Nothing makes sense anymore when pain and injustice prevails, Humanity...
Creamy caserecce pasta with shrimps and zucchini Rich, velvety, and oh-so-creamy! This pasta recipe is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. You wont be able to resist seconds! Casarecce is a small twisted pasta originating from Sicily, the swirls makes it perfect for holding sauces. Lets start! Ingredient...