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New album #ERASEME out now. @wschamberlain @docnog @chrisunderoath @aaronrgillespie @timmctague @jamiepatrock
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mainly go on tour with bands
get your wandrd bags here
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Its golf Its not golf Its Topgolf
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Heavy metal from the south
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Little late posting but we are back to UK and EU in the fall to finally do some proper gigs in proper venues with absolutely BANANAS support from the homies @gideonal and @boundariesct. Took me so long to get this up that Munich is already sold out and theres more on its heels. Made soccer scarve...
Slammie. Fucking. D. Thank you. You made the travel and the muck and everything else so worth it. Stacked with friends. Heart is full. Time for summer break, see you in Oz. Oh. And Manchester is Red.
Tour is over. It was amazing. Too many people to thank without forgetting someone so Ill just say - youre the wind beneath our wings. Made new friends, saw lots of old friends, and smiled so much my face hurt. Gonna wax poetic over it all summer so just walking through this day with gratitude.
Distracted myself all day to avoid the reality that youve been gone 4 years. Feeling all the things. You would hate that the French said it best - tu me manques. #wearedavidclark
Rockvillians we have arrived and we play a little earlier which is good for you and good for us.
Hes throwin dos with the boys.
Elder emo still has hops. Touring on a new record is nuts. May your May be full of flowers.
I cant do this alone, can you help me?Montral has set the bar. Thank you for sharing your light with us.
Working hard or hardly working? Chicago is always special. More shows more friends best week incoming.
10 years later we stormed The Castle again. Love getting back to these places and faces finally.
Denver was the stuff dreams are made of. Back it at tonight in MPLS.